Medical Colleges in Karnataka.

In the past month, I visited several medical colleges in Karnataka. Since the seat allotment is an online process, we are required to prepare a priority list. These visits helped me prepare my Priority Order.

I'm hoping this will help people to know more about the colleges and they can take an informed decision. :)

Subbaiah Medical College

Located on Kudli Road, TSMC was started in 2012. So the campus was big but new and pretty much isolated. There is only one batch of students (150) in this huge campus. And only 12 seats through CET. rest are only management. So I spoke to a girl from AP and she said coaching is not bad since they need good pass percentage and also since its the first batch. We saw the hostel as well. It's not bad at all. 3 sharing with TV, fridge and attached bath. Library is okay, not bad. But hospital is not functional. Apparently this 'Subbaiah' person has another hospital in Shimoga and the students will go there after the first year.

Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore

The college is 'older' in the sense that several batches have passed out and they also have PG courses. The hospital has good patient inflow. The hostels are okay-okay with 3 or 4 sharing rooms. Bathrooms ARE NOT attached. They are separate (and I think few in number) After the first year, students are shifted to a better and bigger hostel. I spoke to a girl from Bangalore, she studied in Kumarans PU college and she got through 2nd round. It was a 'relief' to meet someone who would have been in a similar position last year. her rank was 1300 ish. And she seemed happy. The coaching is not bad I'm told. about 30-40 seats thru CET. But this year, it has only 5 seats for GM.

Srinivasa Institute Of Medical Sciences, Mukka

Again, college looks a bit old. Hospital has been there for a few years. Only 2 batches of medical students are studying there, so nobody has passed out yet. Hostel looks okay, not bad. Mess is also okay. Mostly veg itself. Spoke to 2 girls. One from Bangalore, she got 1500 ish. First round she got Chitradurga and she wasnt happy. Here teaching is not bad. I also saw the college. It looks okay. A bit dull, dark and damp. Lecture halls look good. 

KVG Medical College, Sullia

KVG MC looks okay and old from the outside, But the hospital is the biggest in the area and hence good number of patients. Met a student and parent from Mysore. Her ranking was 1600 and she got this college in 1st round and the same college in 2nd round also. She was happy and said its a good place to study. Hostels are 2 or 3 sharing with attached bathrooms. the building looks old but many batches have passed out and they are doing well.The college also offers PG programs.

Then we saw the mess and here I met a senior friend from CARMEL!! so she got 1200 odd and she got in the first round. we spoke to her for a while and she too is quite happy... :) The teaching is really good and they also have a good library.. Many students from Bangalore.. 

Navodaya Medical College, Raichur

Raichur is about 40 kms from Mantralaya and on the same route is Navodaya Medical College. The building is huge and it looks good (the college and hospital, I mean) and even their library is very good (infrastructure is great overall, with a well maintained garden) 

I spoke to 2 final year students from AP. They say the hospital doesn't have very good patient inflow. The college has been there for over a decade and also has PG courses. Teaching is apparently better than earlier. Water problem is there, more so in summer.

The students are mostly through Management quota and only about 30-36 CET Seats. The hostel is located at a distance from the main college and hospital and the students commute via the college bus or auto. The hostels are OK and quite small. 2 sharing and they had even stored water in buckets! I spoke to a girl from Bangalore. Bathrooms are not attached and are located separately. And also it is isolated and barely any decent eateries outside!

RIMS, Hyderabad Road.

We first went to the hospital. The hospital is a typical government hospital. Lots of patients, facilities are not so good. I spoke to a few third year students. Some had come from Delhi through AIQ! They said the college and hospital is good, food is okay, summer water problem and overall a good college.

We also saw the hostels and I was really surprised! They were two sharing rooms with attached bathroom and very good (I hadn't expected it :P )

Overall I really liked this college because I realized the advantage of a government college. ONLY merit students! :D hence the atmosphere is great and everybody is focussed to a greater extent.

Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Gulbarga

This is a well known and quite old college in Gulbarga. The college building is okay and it is currently being renovated for further expansion. The students of this college work at the Basaveshwara Medical Hospital. I spoke to a student in her third year (through COMEDK) and the teaching is okay, not bad. The hostel is 3 sharing and bathrooms are separate. Food is served in a dining area. The hostel rooms are rather small (but rarely have I seen a spacious one!) Overall, this is a good college in my opinion, except that the infrastructure is average.

ESIMC, Gulbarga

This college will (hopefully) be operational from this year. The buildings are still under construction. But it was evident that the buildings will turn out to be very impressive. The college building is almost ready with the classrooms already furnished. However we couldn't find any person from the medical college here. Overall, In my opinion, this will certainly be a very good college in a few years time.

After Gulbarga we travelled to Bidar which is at the 'upper tip' of Karnataka. The drive was long and tired (though we did nothing but sit and look at the passing landscape)

Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences

The Hospital is sorely lacking in good facilities. The college, however is quite well built and is spacious. Here, I spoke to PG students and they seemed surprised that I had even considered this college.

Inside the library, I spoke to a girl and she blandly said that I should try for another college. The main problem being that the MCI has listed this college (and Raichur) and it may be de-recognised (or something along those lines). 

And this girl is also trying for a migration to another college (known to be very difficult mainly due to bureaucracy) because she doesn't want to be in trouble later! :O the coaching is okay, nothing great, she said.

The hostel rooms are good, very similar to Raichur and here I met a senior from Deeksha. She seemed quite happy with the college, the food is okay, nothing great. As usual, teaching is okay, need to study on your own.

Al Ameen Medical College

So according to my rank, my best chance lies in this college. Hence, I was anxious to see what it would be like..

Located away from the city (or town?) centre of Bijapur, on a vast expanse of land, my first opinion of Al Ameen was 'relief'. So the campus is huge and the buildings are all spread out. I spoke to a contact I got through a friend and I was told that the college is not bad, good itself and though there are a lot of management students the merit students do well generally.. 

Next we saw the hostels and they were quite clean! I spoke to a student from Jammu. So the main problem, according to her, is the coaching and the overall pass percentage.
Food, I was told will be a problem for vegetarians. Hostels rooms are 4 sharing and bathrooms are clean and big but not attached.

Another (weird) concept is that after the first 6 months, the juniors are shifted to the bigger hostel where they are chosen by seniors and they stay with them. I found this EXTREMELY surprising and slightly discomforting (Why would you want to do that?!) but a way out of this is to stay in the NRI mgmt rooms which are currently under construction.

S Nijalingappa Medical College, Bagalkot

The campus is beautiful and so far the best :) The hostel is 3 sharing and for every three rooms there are 3 bathrooms next to them. The hostel serves only vegetarian food. :) I spoke to a girl from Jain College and she was quite happy with the college. The teaching is also good and overall, very good :)

SBMC, Chitradurga

The hospital is a bit small but good itself and a few kilometres away is their medical college. The hostel is 2 sharing and with attached bathroom . they serve only veg food :) I spoke to COMEDK students from Kerala and they were happy with the college. Later I spoke to another student from Bangalore and she said the coaching was okay. Overall, except for the coaching bit, it is a good college, plus, its not too far from Bangalore.