Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shine a Light Through An Open Door.

Unlike most people, I didn't leave right after the exams got over. The mass exodus began on 9th itself when people began leaving without any inkling (IDC) and 11th July was a field day for the autodrivers of Shimoga because most of the people were leaving then.

After Biochem we went out to the city and hogged as usual. (Mathura is actually pretty good for evening snacks) Then on 10th we all went out for the *last time* before college ended. I really hope we're all together again soon. Then again, Fate can be a friend or a foe, and you've got to deal with what you get. It was a fun day (Pizza @ Cafe Chillax, Boring Kulfi and Vadapav @Goli) and I was happy. We all had a nice time; leg pulling seems to be the order of the day during any outing and good food is necessary to satisfy us.

It's funny how things change in a matter of hours. The very same afternoon, Athi was giving me a piece of her mind for my lacklustre disposition and that evening I felt really good. Until then, the events of the past week kept crashing in, wave after wave with increased intensity. Little things can leave you dejected, you fight for reasons to be happy, and fail. You try to forget it all and put on a facade for a while and then you wonder why bother faking the happiness you don't feel. 

But I guess you've got to look at the good things that come your way in Life and try to forget the unpleasant memories. What's the point of latching on to hurtful incidents? What's the point of remembering the things that only leave you hurt and angry? The sweetest revenge would be none at all. Move on from the bad memories, let it mean nothing to you. 
Being happy is your birthright. :) Don't let anybody take that away from you.

All of us. :) Ehra was out shopping at More, though.

11th was the send-off day and Nammu, Deepu and I spent our day helping people with their luggage and bidding adieu. The evening was breezy (that's an understatement. The wind was howling.) and we had looong chat (3hours. :P ) about nothing in particular. Nobody could complain, the exams were over. The wardens could only look helplessly and try to find a reason to get us going.

We took the 11.30 Airavat back to Bangalore and I slept amazingly well on the bus (after all I had been warned to do so. :P ) Athi was at our place for the weekend and we all had a good time. (Although to be frank, I failed in my promise of 'showing her around Bangalore' given the paucity of time.) CCD Sandwiches, Night walks in the park, Pizza Hut Gopalan Mall so that she could meet her dearest friend (:P) and a quick visit to Omkar Hills. Di loves having guests at home (Can you believe it, she gets EVEN more hyper than she usually is! -.-) and she and Athira bonded really well (over Rock-Paper-Scissor). I really hope this happens more often. (MaPaDi happy, me happy and also roaming around B'lore just got a valid reason!) I guess Athi saw Bangalore during its drizzly days but all in all I can hazard a guess and say that she didn't have too bad a time. ;)

So we booked a Cochin ticket in a Volvo AC at 8PM and went to Omkar Hills (just in time for the 6PM bell). Post dinner (at Adyar) we went to the bus stand where we discovered that the bus was nearly empty. Only 4 people had booked tickets and another lady was expected to board the bus at Madiwala. Everybody was hyperventilating, Di didn't like that nobody was paying her any attention so she began crying and the bus was about about to start. Appa decided that MaDiMe should travel with Athi in the bus till Madiwala where hopefully the lady would board the bus. So we had a free ride to Madiwala and thankfully the lady arrived and we left soon. (Appa came via car to Madiwala) Later, she informed her brother about the matter and the panic subsided. But it was also a lesson for us to check all details before making reservations. :)

 Clockwise from L-R: Trying on clothes you'll never buy, Autoselfie, Nightwalk in the park.

And that brings us here, to the present. 
Plans for the holidays are plenty but they shall be revealed only in installments. I hope to give regular updates on them and I'm SURE that they'll be interesting. I intend to do a lot of things these vacations (considering the fact that our seniors warned us not to expect any more holidays of lengthy duration in the coming years). Let's hope it all works out! :)

Travel plans are being made as I type this and we're embarking on a new adventure. Thrilled to bits about seeing new places, new culture and nature at its best.

Here's a clue:

*Smirk Smirk*

The black pavilion built during the early part of Jahangir's reign (1569–1627), in the top terrace of the Shalimar Bagh, has the famous inscription in Persian, which says:

Agar Firdaus bar rōy-e zamin ast, hamin ast-o hamin ast-o hamin ast.

This is a couplet by the Persian poet Amir Khusrau, which is inscribed on many other buildings also in India and Pakistan.

Translated to English, it means.

"If there is a paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this."


A year ago, I began following a blog because I liked the concept. But I swear I hadn't bothered to read it after the first day. Today seemed like an auspicious day for such an activity and I was amazed at the information available.

For all those interested in reading about medical cases and the life of a medical superintendent working in a community hospital in Jharkand, do read this:

Here's an example if you're willing to look at pictures of medical cases.

Community Medicine never seemed interesting until now. :)