Friday, July 18, 2014

The Storm Within.

The overcast sky reflected her turmoil,
The wounds were fresh and raw.
The wind howled and the trees swayed,
She couldn't stop herself anymore.

A clap of thunder followed the bolt of light,
The memories flashed by,
Each stirring the emotions she had stiffled so far.
The rain fell long and hard that night.

She smiled sadly at the good times gone by,
Bitterness she felt at the raw deal she had been dealt with,
Anger swelled inside her at the mockery she had borne,
And then the Pain consumed her.

The damp earth chilled her toes and she rose,
The storm raged on but her internal battle had just begun.
She wanted it all to end, she wanted the matter to close.
But to Him, she didn't exist, She was one among none.