Monday, July 14, 2014

After What Seems Like Forever.

I fervently hope that I haven't forgotten how to blog. But in case I have, there's ample time to re-learn the art. :)

The past two months have been eventful to say the least. I could go on and on about it but for now, the less said, the better. I'm going to focus on the positive aspects.

Exams came and went by. Those days were hectic, sleepless and tiring. Prior to the exams, the 'fear' of the exams caused a breakdown among most people. But once they began, there was no time to get scared. We had to do what could be done, there wasn't a moment to be wasted. 

As you probably know, Libu has been my haunt for most of the year. But towards the end, I finally mastered the art of studying in my own room (but then I had the company of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.. ;) )

The tension on the night before the exams.. was written large on every student's face. We all just gobbled something down and hurried out of the mess. To sleep or not to sleep.. that was the question.

The bus journey to SIMS Government College was a terrifying one, especially on the first day. On the first exam, we literally had no idea what to expect. The avalanche of possibilities was overwhelming, the consequences weighed heavily on our shoulders and people seemed to forget the most basic things in the tension.

As we were walking through the corridor towards the exam hall, people were shooting questions at each other. 
S: "Hey please tell me the sympathetic and parasympathetic roots of Ciliary Ganglion!"
Me: Whaaat?! Plexus around Ophthalmic Artery I think.. And Parasympathetic is Nerve to Inferior Oblique...Wait... I'm confused. Let's ask somebody else. And tell me about Diploic veins please!
R: ....... Ok, don't worry you'll remember in the exam.

And before Physio exam:
Me: Dude, Olfactory Pathway!! Tell me the highlights.
Ap: Don't ask me anything!
Y: Striae, Bulb, Tract... Opercular Insular.. No sorry that comes in Taste Pathway.. Ask Somebody!!

And the epic one before Biochem exam:
Sumana: Salvage Pathway!!
Abhi: APRT and HGPRT are the enzymes right?!
Me: Yeah. Wait. What does it convert?
All 3: *Freak out* 

So that was us during exam week. 
Coffee has been my savior and soul mate in the past one year. But any health issues can be attributed to the same drink, unfortunately. The day before Biochem was a day of internal battles. And the exam by itself spread a pall of gloom that dampened the post-exam euphoria. 

Following these exams, I traveled home for a few days. Met my mad caps (Anjali and Medha). We had a lovely, loony day. I'm not sure which was the best part; being goofy and spazzed out or the food and beverages. (Tough choice, considering how people like me aren't sure whether they 'Live to eat' or 'Eat to Live') Anj gave us an introductory course on Korean pop which is pretty radical to say the least (All I remember is BigBang, Exo and a couple of guys grooving amazingly well). College stories were exchanged, Deeksha memories were recaptured and plans were made for future meetups. All in all, the company of fellow insane fools gives a warm feeling of comfort that one cannot gain anywhere else. 

And THAT REMINDS ME: I purchased books!! :D

  • The Water Babies (Charles Kingsley)
  • Gideon The Cutpurse (Linda Buckley-Archer)
  • If It Is Sweet (Mridula Koshy)
  • And.... My first M & B (Don't give me that surprised look. One must read all genres in their lifetime. I can only read it as a nineteen year old, not a ninety year old. ;) )
Plus, Medha has been kind enough to donate:
  • Fly By Night (Frances Hardinge)
Looking forward to restart my reading habit. It's been about 4-5 months since I read any novel and I'm eager to voraciously read as many as I can these hols. (Hello JustBooks!)

Following this, was the customary and cool visit to Vnagar. Hogged, chatted, went out with Nidhi, hogged some more and had a nice time.(Blueberry and GreenApple Mojito B) )

As has become a standard practice, Nammu ma'am and I boarded the bus back to Shimoga and I froze in the chilly air that night.

World Cup's begun, readers. I'll seeya soon. :)