Monday, July 14, 2014

And That's What Happened. (Atleast that's the version you're going to hear about.)

Picking up where I stopped yesterday,

Nammu ma'am and I boarded the bus back to Shimo and I reached at the crack of dawn and made our way back to the hostel. I met Vindhya before she left for her 'mini vacation' and she prepped me up for what to expect in the practicals.

  • During Viva, try to steer the topic towards a more comfortable area. (Of course this is an art and can't be tested on all examiners.)
  • Sometimes, if you don't know something, just say so. Instead of making up your own Physiology or Anatomy that might horrify the person at the other end.
  • Stay calm, take your time and present the answer well.
Actually our practicals were scheduled to be held '10th July onwards [tentatively]' so most of the students had gone home post the theory exams. They began arriving in trickles by Sunday night and by Tuesday most people were back.

Anat Department had kept the Histo slides and gross specimens on display so we all had a good look around. Then Vasudha ma'am gave us another orientation on Radiology

[Basically there are different views: AP, PA, Oblique, Lateral.. and you've got to identify if its a Plain Xray or a Contrast Xray (one had with a Barium meal (oesophagus) or a pyelogram (kidney) or a hysterosalpingogram (uterus and Fallopian tubes).. you've got to mention the bones you can see, the shadow of the organs you can make out, any fractures present and so on..]

And the Embryology models that we might be questioned on..
  • Paramesonephric Duct (My favourite!!)
  • Placenta Praevia 
  • Oogenesis and Spermatogenesis
  • Foetal Circulation (:D)
  • ... Lung development (Surprise Package of this year's Anatomy Paper I )
Barr Bodies formed by 'lyonisation'.

Yeah. These are Genetics charts. 


Lung Development Model

*(Minor fainting episode overcome by Bournville)*

So we all had a good look at everything that we might possibly be questioned on during the 3 days prior to the exam. The cold and cough that began after I reached Shimoga manifested itself into a more virulent form and I realized that medication was essential if I didn't want to scare the examiner with my frog-like croaky voice!

Physio department allowed the students to practice on the the Clinical and Human experiments and we again had a look at the possible Case Study questions that we might face.

We peeped into the Biochem Department to have a glance at the spotters that we might be asked to identify. (Ryle's Tube for GFTs, Albuminometer, Urinometer, Hand Spectrometer) 

What ensued next can be explained in various versions but the basics are:
A slightly higher than recommended consumption of Benadryl (Idiopathic reasons) + 
loss of Birthday ring + 
Benadryl crosses blood-brain barrier + 
Sleepless night + 
Lacrimal activity commences + 
Morning walk in which my speed is 10cm/s + 
Anat revision in library + 
hyperactivity of Lacrimal glands + 
Chetan Sir delivers words of wisdom + 
Bournville consumption without rhyme or reason + 
Back to Library to read up on Radiology and Surface Markings.

Appa arrived around 3:45 and the rest they say.. is a series of *cough*- cry *cough*-cry *cough* until I was too exhausted and slept peacefully after a seemingly long time. 

The night was long and I had Coffee and biscuits to help me through. If I could write the Anatomy Exam on 4th July it was only thanks to Appa who listened to every word as I read aloud. I didn't want to give up without a fair attempt so I did what I could. What happens now is beyond my control and I'll have to accept whatever the outcome is. 

The spotters were fine and I identified the slides correctly (Kidney and Large Vein) but my diagrams could have been better and the 2nd examiner took great to be sarcastic about the size of the glomeruli in the kidney. Gross also passed uneventfully because the HOD didn't ask anything tricky. The other examiner seemed receptive. Surface Landmarks were the best because he decided to quiz us theory questions for some strange reason. :')

Post lunch was Viva and we were questioned separately by four examiners on different aspects. Radiology was a flop because the HOD didn't want to believe anything I said about the Cruciate ligaments. 

After Anatomy all I did was sleep. The next day I began Biochem but fell asleep for half the day (later the  cause was revealed to be 'ChestOn Cold' which is known to cause drowsiness). Appa left in the afternoon and I moved into Athira's room for the remainder of the college days. I spent an hour or two listening to Sumana chant the procedures for the Biochem experiments and slept uncharacteristically well. 

The Practical part was pretty much a fiasco due to so many reasons. Topography, Memory and Lucky had deserted me. The Examiner #1 clearly saw what was going on and questioned me accordingly. Examiner #2 was extremely interested about my Dad's occupation and other such details but that seemed to work in my favour. Prior to viva I had a coughing episode that distracted me from the forthcoming viva fear.

After this was Physio and most of us merely glanced at the books in the day before the exam. One of the examiner deserved a medal for his bitingly sarcastic responses. 

*If I kick you, you'll go fall in Chitradurga*
*Become a cowherd*
*Aren't you supposed to be a good student? Don't embarrass your teachers*

 But the same people were docile during viva. The externals were okay and only the internal (Vasanthi Bhai was having fun.)

*Plasma proteins. Name and function*
Me: (Blabbers)
*What happens if Plasma proteins decrease in the blood?*
Me: Osmotic pressure exerted will decrease : Hypoproteinemia and edema
*Ok. So what's your name?*
Me: Jayashree
*Oh, so you're Jayashree!* (evil cackle) *difficult questions follow*

And after this, we were officially FREE. B)

I can't type in my sleep. Unsafe blogging may occur. :P