Saturday, July 26, 2014

Soliloquy. Well, Almost.

I get the feeling that I'm addressing a large room which is nearly empty. Nearly, but not quite and that's enough. It's not that I ever had the feeling of addressing a packed football stadium audience either, come to think of it. :P

My previous blogpost (Lalbagh Ladkis Part 2) had pictures from the Photowalk (mostly Walk-and-Talk) with Vidha3 at Lalbagh. As always, it was nice to meet up with DST Pal and we chatted about college life and how drama exists everywhere! :P 

We went by her Gaadi and I clung on as tightly as possible (Yes, I make a terrible passenger. I feel all wobbly and unbalanced for no reason. -_-) but she navigated with ease through the early morning traffic (in spite of my pathetic direction skills) and we reached safely. I must say I was shocked as I passed through the Lalbagh gates, because the place was packed! It didn't appear anything like the promised 'Botanical Garden' what with hordes of people walking purposefully in all possible directions.

Post the Photo session and the customary trek up the Hill, we rode back to Basvangudi and had breakfast at Halli Thindi (Masala Dosa with a BIG cube of Butter and Akki Roti) and then V3 dropped me home. 
Hyder Ali commissioned the building of this garden in 1760 but his son, Tipu Sultan, completed it. Hyder Ali decided to create this garden on the lines of the Mughal Gardens that were gaining popularity during his time. Hyder Ali laid out these famous botanical gardens and his son added horticultural wealth to them by importing trees and plants from several countries. The Lal Bagh Gardens were commissioned by the 18th century and over the years it acquired India's first lawn-clock and the subcontinent's largest collection of rare plants.
Tuesday was the day with Pings.

We began late (As always, Classy girls need to dress up after all B) ) and took the direct bus to MG Road. We landed right in front of Hard Rock and Pings tried to tempt me (for a drink, what else?) but I acted all pricey [*I'm saving it for a special day*] and we ambled down the famous road. Although the theme was 'Classy' we were anything but that, what with ogling at fake Greek gods and giggling over wannabe models posing in shades (INSIDE the Metro. seriously?!). 
I Love Bangalore.

I got a book:
  • The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini
We had milkshakes at Lakeview Milk Bar.
 My Imagination:
[Dad: So where did you and Pinki go today?
Me: We went to a Bar. B)
Dad: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Me: A Milk Bar, Appa.

Dad: *breathes*]
 Lakeview Milk Bar traces a journey parallel to that of Bangalore. A legacy that is unbroken from its start in 1930. An Englishman named James Meadow Charles started the restaurant and sold it to a 19-year-old Indian Vraj Lal in 1947(almost symbolically)!
 Post some window shopping and Masala Soda, we took the Metro to Indiranagar (The Posh part of Bangalore) and realized that it looks a lot like any other area in Bangalore except for the unbelievably huge number of eateries dotting every street. Claytopia was our initial choice but we were on the wrong side of Time and Distance, hence we decided to give Cafe Matteo a shot. 

Food. <3
We realized we've got to eat it with a Knife and Fork.
*sigh, I wish I'd learnt better table manners*

Post lunch we got back to our Original purpose (B'day Shopping for Gimps) which wasn't as successful as we'd expected but nevertheless its always fun to shop. Post a quick stop at McD, we hurried to Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand where we had to wait for what seemed like AGES until the blessed bus arrived and we scrambled to get seats.

Bangalore romances the Rain. No, seriously! :)
I got back a lot later than I thought I would but hey, this is Indian Stretchable Time (IST), after all, isn't it?

Wednesday passed with a flurry of messages, calls and confirmations and then D-Day arrived. I woke up early (A royal pain in the wrong end, considering that it's holidays and Sleep is a Way of Life, not a Luxury) and began preparations for my share of the meal: PALAK PANEER! (Yes, Palak Paneer has Deeksha memories associated. So do Aloo Tikkis! :P :D ) It was ready sooner than I expected and I fried the Paneer to a Light Golden shade so that it was still soft and melt-in-your-mouth kind albeit with a hint of crisp.

I was there at 9:10AM (As we'd decided) but then again IST pulled a fast one and it was 9:50 before we boarded the BSK bus and 11:00AM before we met the others at Lalbagh. Seeing everybody after nearly a year, I kept gaping at them open mouthed for no particular reason. Everybody was still the same! (Well, almost.) I was as apologetic as ever, thus attracting sarcasm and wit from Nirupama, Sanjana was on a 'Let's Capture The Moment' spree (so was I), Sonika was calm and composed as always while Sahana was hyper as usual (informing all those who care to listen to the *Jayashree looks for her brain on the pavement* joke.) Vaishnavi's accent remains the same and she thankfully refrained from pulling my leg) Ekta is still the cheery madcap while Lavanya's hair is simply beautiful. 

So we all met up at the Glass House, clicked a number of Groupies (or is it known as a Humpfie?) and ambled around in aimless circles (probably because we were engrossed in college talk and pulling each other's legs (mostly mine. -_-). We exchanged notes on the culture in each college, how 'progressive' and 'liberal' the colleges are (Subbaiah, ahem!) and the madness during exam week. All of us (Minus Sahana and Ekta) live outside Bangalore so we exchanged pointers on 'Bangalore stereotyping' that is rampant.

*So where are you from?* 
*Oh, Baaaangalore!! Acchaaa.* 
*(Gives a dark significant look and assumes that I'm this pub-crawling party animal who's been through more relationships than the number of vertebrae in my body.)*
We realized (too late, though) that there is no part of Lalbagh that permits harmless young girls from enjoying a good game of badminton, so we were shoo-ed from one location to another, in the hope of finding the Promised Land. Tired with all the walking, we crashed every 10 minutes into the nearest benches and played our favourite game: Dumb Charades! (As usual we came up with some regulars: "Manchurian Candidate", "The Shawshank Redemption"..) After a Juice Break, we 'trekked' up the stone hill, clicked more pictures (but the gusty wind got our hair flying so we look a leeetle freaky, truth be told) and tried to take a pic with all of us lying down in a circle (heads together) but the sun peeped out of the clouds so we're all mostly scrunching up our faces. -_-

It was too sunny!

After this, stomachs began to rumble so we descended downhill and sat around in a circle and each person opened their wares. So the plan was that each of us gets an item and shares it with everybody.(Apparently it's called Potluck) We're all used to the concept of eating out at fancy hotels so we decided to give this a shot considering how it's really very effective and economical.

  • Sonika: Plates, spoons, cups, juice and even a cake!
  • Lavanya: Chapathis
  • Ekta: Parathas
  • Vaishnavi: Shahi Paneer
  • Me: Palak Paneer 
  • Sanjana: Pulao (just like the one she used to get to college! :) )
  • Sahana: Chips
  • Nirupama: *drum roll* Curd Rice (which she periodically threatened us to consume, warning us with dire consequences. :P)

 Post lunch, we chatted some more, discovered that GK Pal, THE GK Pal, teaches at Nirupama's college (Jipmer), Oh and I almost forgot about Shahi! Shahi, or "Shahi The Faithful" was a dog that followed us during a major part of our time in Lalbagh. Shahi was christened over the fact that he was presumably following us for the Shahi Paneer) and it was only near the Stone hill that we managed to give him the slip! (Much to Vaishnavi's relief :) )

After a hurried cake session (harried as well, because some of us were convinced that the ferocious looking dog was barking to invite its mates for a quick Bite!) we said our goodbyes and it was time to go! Plans and promises have been made for another meetup in the coming year at Cubbon Park. *Fingers crossed*

We (Sahana, Sonika, Lavanya and I) took an auto back to our houses (I had my classes at 5!) and thus a beautiful day came to an event. I was simply exhausted and crashed into bed unimaginably early. (9.00PM. -_-)

Many of the gang-members couldn't make it because they weren't in town (or country) or their colleges had begun. But meeting them all made it seem like nothing has changed, we're still a bunch of girls who made it out of Deeksha sanity intact, who love to have fun and who are still simple and uncomplicated. :)

I miss everybody a LOT; the wit, the sarcasm, the PJs, the incessant photo madness and just the people! <3

Coming to another noteworthy matter, I downloaded books online!!
  • The Cuckoo's Calling: Robert Galbraith
  • Chanakya's Chant: Ashwin Sanghi
  • The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants: Ann Brashares
  • And The Mountains Echoed: Khaled Hosseini
  • Wolf Hall: Hilary Mantel
  • Les Miserables: Victor Hugo
  • War and Peace: Leo Tolstoy
  • Percy Jackson: Books 1 and 2
I've signed up for riding and driving classes and It's been over a week. I should probably chronicle that separately given how exciting it is. There's so much more I want to ramble about but that's a lot of blogging I've done at one stretch.

Toodles! :D