Thursday, November 4, 2010

Insanity called Life.

 Holding hands despite the storm,
For the Bliss that's against the norm.
Here I am! And what do I want to say?

It's been different for the last several weeks on innumerable aspects.... And I have no complaints to be honest.
I'm sure it's all for the Best!
Mid Term over.
Ajji went. :|
I Spoke to Pinki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( Yeah Yeah, She was bored I bet, But i was happy like never before...:P)
I went to Christ School( Quiz:Third)
Speaking about that competition, you know 'twas fun,really... And It rained!!! Weeeee!!!! I did have a good time, I won't deny that. *Grins like a Cheshire Cat* 

And Yes, I called up to wish on Diwali.... Unfortunately due to sudden arrival of certain people, conversation could not proceed as desired... Still, SFCBR..... Paah, Papa Knows. Like I care.
And Yesterday, I actually dozed off at 6 due to Stress and Exhaustion...(Uhm, Yes, Its true..)

School Day coming up... Me going for sure. Not for the programmes (Duh!) And what else? I like Modern Family, but I freakin'  miss Bones!

Another Important thing is that we're all( Dad and I) pretty concerned about where I'm going after tenth. And to my Astonishment, what I dreaded to tell, was what Daddie suggested! Yipeeeeeee.. Who knows?

Sitting with Computer Pj. %^$%&^%*^&* Virus came and attacked my database. %^$%&^%*^&*....
Keep guessing what those words are! So I need to do 'em all over again( The DataBase IS a loss.:( )

Recent Developments have left me stunned and I am "Kim-Karthavya-Vimoodaha". Speaking in Sansk, She's coming today.:|

I sat and cried last night.. (Lolzzz I was listening to Paas Aaya Kyu and Some Other Song.... Ya Ya I'm MAD)

So long.
I don't know when though.
I wish I were In Conoor like Nidhi. Grrrr.....