Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adieu,You Baboon

Blogging when there's less than 2 hours for your English preparatory isn't always the best option, Is it?

I wanted to title this as "A Day In the Life of AV( I mean: Short and Sleep Deprived)

I don't wish to reveal who it is. A leetle bit of suspense won't kill anyone.Yesterday my eyes were red and bright( Dad asked me if I had been crying(LOL) but no, twas the effect of reading a highly inspiring journal of a certain Caffeine addicted person ( Or I guess it was because I was staring at a black background with white font for a LONG time.))

Life has so much to do. I'm like a dumb dodo.  

She wrote a letter to herself and the contents Amazed me. Such determination and dedication. And between those repeated references to sleep deprivation and Coffee drinking, I saw a Genius. 
Who got there by LUCK.Freaking true, She accepts it herself.

  • Awesome marks all the time (She says she sleeps through most of them though)
  • Admission to TheGreatestCollegeOfAllTimes( That has awarded "Nada" Honorary Degrees)
  • A chance to work at The Agency (I mean, the IAEA. Only the cool people call it The Agency, I have NO right to do so :P)
  • Tour almost all over Europe teaching High school kids physics. (In the sense, see the Beauty of Europe, while being funded by the aforesaid College)
  • Study Photography (A study of The History Of American Photography)
  • NEVER (Ever) runs out of luck
 I don't think I wasted anytime.I Made up for it anyway. And it was a really good read. My My.

I also realized that what I realized after getting red eyes is exactly what the people who Really Care about me have been telling me all my life.

Auf Wiedersehen