Sunday, September 25, 2011


Why Am I awake? Well, why shouldn't I?

See the SAT book! :)
 Here's an activity you should try out. Did you read the newspaper today? Jot down all that you remember~

  • 88% state kids don't move up to University..
  • BM: German traveller..
  • BM: Laos.(Slow Seduction)
  • BM: Mausam review (2*), speedy singh review (3*)
  • Katrina clause in Dhoom3, vidya,ranbir etc skip Mausam premiere..
  • Lack of experts:Archaeologists, meterologists, forest rangers, vets, geologists, etc
  • Quake prone areas; Shimla, gangtok etc
  • Rise of the Middleclass backpacker..
  • Goa Casino..
  • Women have low self esteem..
  • Life:Art is the latest investment
  • Spatsville
  • Heart related..
  • Daughter's day...
And that's about it. I think more or less, that's ALL I remember, i.e after reading the paper for nearly quarter of and hour!

Gud Night! :)