Monday, April 9, 2012

Gone With The Wind

Yes, I read it! It took my three days and 2 whole nights (in between D-sitting, helping around)

Wow. Wow. Wow. (I'm dying to watch the movie)

The book is one of the best I've read. The characters, the narration , the War and its implications. What makes it even more *insert right word* is that I've read Little Women which also depicts the life and times of a family during and after the Civil War, only it's set on the other set, the Yankees.. (And It doesn't focus on the war)

I really want to say more, I want to read it again sometime soon and I hope to see the movie!
Scarlett's character is truly ruthless and self-centred, but I can't exactly hate her. She did a lot of foolish things in the hope that it would eventually lead to happiness but it was not meant to be. And Rhett! I can't believe anybody could have actually been that way. But a intriguing character, no less. And Bonnie's death nearly made me cry. The two lead characters apart, it's Melanie who deserves a mention. Initially I did sympathize with Scarlett because Melanie saw good in just about Everything. But then, it becomes evident that Melanie is a woman of substance and not just a frail ninny (who can't say Boo to a goose [lol])..

"Gerald O'Hara: Do you mean to tell me, Katie Scarlett O'Hara, that Tara, that land doesn't mean anything to you? Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin' for, worth fightin' for, worth dyin' for, because it's the only thing that lasts."

Scarlett: Sir, you are no gentleman.
Rhett Butler: And you, Miss, are no lady.

Scarlett: I only know that I love you.
Rhett Butler: That's your misfortune.

(Btw I started on 'For whom the Bell Tolls' by Hemmingway)