Wednesday, March 6, 2013

But I was sleeping and typing.

So you're wondering what I'm doing here?

Well I was just minding my own business and getting on with life.
One Night.
I sat and typed this in the memo of my mobile just before I fell asleep. (theta waves)
And the funny/weird thing is next morning I didn't remember the latter half. I couldn't believe I'd typed that!

So here's some random sob poem?

"Oh Heart why do thee ache so much?
Why does this cunning dart of pain pierce through me?
Is it the follies of years Past or the worries of the future Unseen? 
Thou has filled me with trepidation and tear stained eyes.
Courage, I shall muster. But will this siege within me ever end?
My actions I have scrutinized, my words I have analyzed in search of a 
sin committed.
Yet, despite this retrospection, what eludes me is a sense of peace and
 tranquility. The serenity that I once exuded is long gone.
 All that remains is the vestige of a once carefree soul.
For now, within this heart of mine lie secrets dark and cold, mysteries 
untold, and deeds of the forgotten Past.
Surely, this heart of mine holds much more than I would ever have.

Ya ya I know I can be very "whatever".
But I'm surprised. How can I think of myself as serene?
I'm always seen as a bumbling character.