Monday, May 13, 2013

Well, well, well. Look who's here!

That seems like an appropriate title for SO many reasons!

So CET, COMEDK, JEE, Manipal over. NEET, St. Johns and JSS left.
I suppose I'm marginally improving with each exam but then I would've been happier if the exams were scheduled differently. I mean CET is OVER!

And I'm not even writing JIPMER, AIIMS and CMC. Yes, very disappointing for a medical aspirant. But atleast I should do better in the upcoming ones.

As it happens, the only 'non-academic' reading I'm doing these days is the newspaper. Endless perusal, no doubt.

Planning to do a lot of things in the upcoming holidays (including learning to ride a 2/4 wheeler [people half my age are zooming around] and not excluding a haircut, volunteering at an NGO and writing a good 'piece'!)

Actually there was a problem with my St. Johns App. We'd written the wrong pincode and we panicked about it and sent a letter as well. But luckily, there was no hassle and I got my Hall ticket. What was surprising was when a letter addressed to me, containing the hall ticket of another student arrived a few days ago. So it's an applicant from Hooghly and we sent it back to her and hopefully it will reach her shortly!
But it also meant something more. It was a moment when it hit me that lakhs of students write these entrance exams to gain admission to a few prestigious colleges. It's a race. I wouldn't call it a rat race, but that's just being courteous.

Another interesting point is that a week or so ago, I re-established contact with an old friend. It turns out, not much has really changed. It maybe possible for friendship to stand the test of time. (some of my friendships have, some haven't. But they most certainly haven't failed for the lack of trying :) ) Maybe, people don't change. It is one of those rare times when we can pretend like that day never happened.

In a stark contrast to the this, I met an old 'acquaintance' (That's being polite. We were sworn enemies.) yesterday after COMED-K. Turns out that he's not as vile and insane as I'd known him earlier. (Possibly because the aforementioned qualities do not befit someone aspiring to be doctor) But honestly, it was a surprise that we could have a conversation without expletives. [Not Me. I don't Swear] 

So maybe, people change for the better sometimes? 

It is hard to let go of a dream. A dream perhaps built more in the air than in the firm foundations of reality. But a dream, nevertheless. A dream, for which I worked so that it maybe become true. A dream, which I still have, will always have. Adversity cannot quell a passion. One day, my dream will come true.