Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tripping scenes. :D

Hello there!
So 8th March 2015 was our class trip to Manipal, Udupi, St Mary’s Island and Maple Beach (after much debating, planning and procrastination)!

On Saturday, we went out to the city after what seemed like forever and when we came back, the college was a riot of colours! Yes, half the students from both the hostels were out on the roads enjoying Holi. It was virtually impossible to recognize anybody given that everybody was caked in different shades and drenched in water (possibly sourced from the lake beside our college) and we faced the imminent threat of also being smeared with colours so we decamped to the mess and then watched the proceedings from a vantage point.

Post dinner, the excitement was in the air and the localites had arrived to stay overnight since we would be leaving early in the morning. At midnight, there was a bonfire organized at the girls’ hostel (but I happened to walk in when the embers were dying down) as a run-up to all the excitement that awaited us.

We left the campus gates by 4am by chanting praises of Mr Y (BP’s idea) and for a substantial part of the journey, we sang songs and had an Antakshari of sorts. This was our first such trip and for many people, it was the first such journey with friends.

At the crack of dawn we got out for a short break and soak in the wilderness of the Ghat section but we were shooed inside after being threatened that tigers roamed this region.  (-_-) We halted at Manipal for breakfast and then proceeded towards the Museum of Anatomy and Pathology which has a wide variety of specimens that makes for a great viewing. Post this, we chilled for a while at their food court (Govi’s treat. For? Errr. First year mbbs result :P)and then we set of towards the harbour. Prior to this there was another stop where most of the people had lunch (i.e savoured some sea food) whereas Abhi, BP and I clowned around on a random street. (That includes waving at random passers-by, striking the Titanic pose at the middle of the road and so on.. Don’t bother judging me, I do it myself all the time anyway!) We took the ferry ride to St Mary’s Island which was pleasant given that it wasn’t sunny at all.

Abhi and I at Manipal :)
On the island we (Kundur and I) went on the jet ski which was not scary as it was touted to be. After this, we were on a Spree! A photo-clicking spree at every possible place, in every possible angle, with and w/o shades, with and w/o the hats and so on! Just like DJ night, Kundu and I were the perfect team for the Island leg of the trip! Nevertheless, we had a good time and enjoyed the serenity of the place.

Some Cliche' Photoshoot :P

After this, we went to Malpe Beach were a considerable amount of time was spent in pondering whether or not we should get into the water, whether or not we should go for some of the rides and walking around (with difficulty) on the sand. But soon, we were walking on the beach, enjoying the waves, the setting sun and the cool breeze that provided a respite from the glaring heat during the day.
Kundur and I
We halted again at Manipal for Dinner and most people chose from the three options: KFC, Pizza Hut and Dominoes. It was time for another treat (from AVM, for clearing the 1st mbbs exams) and it was rather fun. (Despite the fact that I had almost shut down after all the excitement)

The journey back to college was mostly uneventful except when the driver put on some blaring music (that is still ringing in my ears like persistent tinnitus) and switched on the lights to ward off sleep. But soon, that too came to an end and we found ourselves at the gates of SIMS at 3:30am. It was all over. Our much awaited class trip had come to an end!

The hardest part was getting up at 7am the next day and attending the theory classes at 8am and ENT postings for another 3 hours.

Initially I was reluctant and had assumed the worst possible outcome of the trip but as Icabo, Makshi and Gimpi had predicted, everything turned out just fine. True, half the people were with their “better half” and everybody moved in close knit gangs but it didn’t matter anyway (I had feared that it would). You need to go with the flow and not cling on to your comfort zone. That’s how you’ll find happiness irrespective of who you’re with.