Monday, May 2, 2016

Movie Marathon

There are so many good movies that I’ve been watching lately and there’s something to take back from each of them.

Take Philadelphia for example. Set in the 1980s when AIDS was still a taboo and a gay man with AIDS was certainly a bigger taboo in the United States. So the protagonist (Tom Hanks) plays a lawyer who is wrongfully terminated on the grounds of his illness and the story is about how he and his lawyer fight for his rights. The movie is probably predictable but it’s still worth a watch to see a man fight for what he believes in.

Another beautiful movie is Good Will Hunting (starring Matt Damon). Robin Williams plays a therapist who tries to bring the unruly orphaned genius on to the right track. A long time ago Atthe had recommended this movie; probably when I was in high school. It’s truly a must-see.

Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo is one movie that will make you realize why the Oscar was an overdue for Leo. A cat and mouse game that will keep you guessing till the end, it’s one of the few movies of DiCaprio that I’ve watched and I clearly need to watch more.

Charlie is a Malayalam movie that I recently watched and it’s amazing how these Mallu movies tend to be so creative and original. A free spirited designer goes in search of the previous resident of her house after she is mesmerized by his creativity and what she infers about him. The man in question is also a happy go lucky wanderer who tries to help people who have no place to go.

Letters to Juliet starring Amanda Seyfried was another movie that I enjoyed inspite of it being borderline corny. Perhaps the whole idea of writing letters to Juliet and getting answers in return is romanticised a bit too much but I liked the movie for its freshness.

And yes, I watched Jab We Met again and cried like a baby. I can’t believe I finally got my hands on this movie. It takes me back to 7th standard when I was simply OBSESSED with the movie and the ideas of ‘Geet’ and ‘Aditya’.

I finally watched Veer-Zara starring SRK and Preity Zinta and it’s got the typical Yashraj style of romance; songs, dance sequences, emotional drama and finally an end to the wait. Preity Zinta reminds me of another era of actresses who were genuinely naturally beautiful and it had less to do with skin show or expensive fashion sense. She’s just so natural in the movie sans extensive make up that you wonder what’s up with the skinny plastic models these days. And as for SRK, the dashing young pilot makes you realize why he’ll always be the heartthrob for the Bollywood loving teenage girl.

I also recently watched the movie ‘Fan’ starring SRK in a dual role. While it definitely is one of his best movies in recent times, it is SRK-centric and devoid of music so those with ear for melody will return unrewarded. The fact that I watched it with two die hard SRK fans did not ease matters and I was left with many doubts during the movie but nevertheless it was an interesting evening out.

Watching Jungle Book with Di was interesting considering how we reached 10minutes late, wandered around the theatre in search of our seats in a packed multiplex and then I shivered every time Sher Khan lunged at us or Bhageera pounced from across the screen while Bheemi sat still unmoved by all the action. To those who’ve read the book, there are deviations from the original tale by Rudyard Kipling but somehow the whole setting is just like how I’d visualized it while reading the book and that’s a beautiful feeling. :)