Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Days like these feel longer,
The pain underneath feels sharper
The nights are haunted with dread
Lies along the very path that I tread.

You watch the world come crashing down;
The world you carefully constructed
With castles and dreams so beautiful
That the bitter reality is yet to sink in.

Everything that you thought was your own
Was after all a borrowed loan
Everything that you thought to be true
Was after all an elaborate ruse.

A ship stranded at sea,
Where was it meant to be?
A bird bereft of its nest,
Lost and lonely in a futile quest.

//under the veneer of ideals,
Lies the dark bottomless pit of betrayal.
Sometimes what you find out can leave you hurt in ways you never imagined. It leaves you wishing for the lies to be true;
For the truth might just be too bitter.