Sunday, July 24, 2016


Yes, you guessed right. Stemming from within and clouding my judgement, my disgust has only been growing stronger.

It is said that one should believe in their own brand but what's the road ahead when you no longer recognize yourself in the rat race.

There is so much to do in the one life that we have but do we really live it to the maximum or just exist until the next day arrives? Recently, a student ended his life and the incident has sent shockwaves across the students with each one offering their own interpretation. It is easy for us to pass judgement about his action but it got me thinking. What is a life that is not well-lived? Is there any pride in merely existing and not making the most of what this life had to offer?

Incidents like this reflect the turmoil within and make you wonder nobody ever noticed anything amiss. Irrespective of the momentary 'gut' that many people see as bravery, it is still a choice that one makes and there could always have been other options.

This post unfortunately isn’t going to be a happy one as recent events have left me angry to say the least. When greed gets the better of a person, it eats away at the root of who they were leaving behind an unhappy excuse of who they were. How much is enough for a person to be content? The fact is, once greed has settled itself inside you and has started creeping its way through your heart, you will never seem to have enough. There will always be something that you crave but cannot have, something that you think you deserve but cannot afford. You do not claim what is not yours, you work your way to the life you deserve. You cannot expect a life you did not earn. You cannot demand what was never yours. And if you still expect just because you assume you are entitled or that you have been wronged, then it is all the more disgusting. I can only hope that people will see reason and behave with more maturity. It also reminds me that I am no longer in a position to expect anything of anybody. If I have any dream, then it is solely MY responsibility to turn it into a reality. If I have to make changes, then so be it.

I have begun to realize that certain relationships are toxic and need to be curtailed. I say “Toxic” because they are counterproductive and only induce more negativity than I can handle. I know I cannot sever ties but encouraging its growth will only cause more harm. Perhaps I function best in the comfort of being by myself. Yes, I enjoy a good banter, but I cherish my own company and would gladly thrive in it. Or maybe I just get tired of people faster than they’d like.

Oh yes,
  • Meghana’s engaged. Yayy
  • We (8 of us) had been to Chikmangalore
  • We (Abhi and I) visited a random Jain temple
  • I like Pokemon Go
  • How does it feel to meet a friend after nearly 6 years? Let’s hope aii find out soon enuf. *yay?*
  • Yep, that's right. My girl was in town before she set off to far away Sonipat and it's beginning to hit me only now that I'm really going to miss this bingo. :(

Songs this season:
  • Cheap Thrills (Akkamma creds)
  • Looking Too Closely (Suits)
  • Hass Nache Le and Da Da Dasse (from Udta Punjab)
  • Tu Isaq Mera (judge awayyyyy)