Monday, July 3, 2017


Where do I begin?
I hope to blog about the Delhi Agra Amritsar week sometime soon. I had a nice time with Bheemi albeit just for a few days.

I also want to talk about the day trip to Kundadri and Shringeri.

But I currently want to rant about my space or the lack of it. I feel the urge to dissociate from all these acquaintances that leech on and make meaningless conversation about how different our lives are and yes medical is not like engineering so I will be busy so I can't really meet anyone so I just make fake commitments these days and hide from social media for fear of being detected when I do go home for a precious few days.

I want to go away from this place. Who are 'my people'? Has my definition changed or have they changed themselves or I need to stop thinking such a species exist?

Create your own happiness. That's probably my new mantra (A high like none other as I have discovered) :P

At Fatehpur Sikri
Gajanur Dam in all its glory
The hills are calling...
Sometimes I wonder; am I the person I want to be? I dream, I desire, I develop.
True, there are times when you need to pause and question yourself. Perhaps the discontentment stems from this absurd need to appeal to XYZ's supposed ideals (which is again my own imagination). It is your own principles that you need to remember. But what if they alter with time? Some are necessary; some not so much. Use your wisdom to differentiate between the two.

Songs on my mind:

  • All I can think about is you : Coldplay
  • O Sona Tere Liye
  • Afreen Afreen
  • Ik Vaari Aa
  • Wonderful Tonight: Eric Clapton
I also happened to watch 13 Reasons Why and I think it was rather disturbing on so many levels but more on that later.

I finally read Love Story by Eric Segal and now I'm paving my way through City of Joy by Dominique LaPierre based on the metropolitan city of extremes; Calcutta.

Have faith; stay strong and stay positive. Tomorrow is another day. :)

9th term begins. Time to make countdowns and start panicking proli.