Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nice day...Dunno why,,,

It surprises me that though I have work piled up,yet I say it was a nice day.It brought back old memories,the old times and it was hilarious as well!

C ma'm came late for the special class and he lesson was interesting though she continued for a long time.
She let us free for Maths(Ma'm had gone to the Saraswati Puja )It was from then that Deeps and I chatted...
It was great ;thinking about the old cherished memories when life had no goal()..Several long hours were spent in gazing at the clouds and guessing their shapes..
I would joblessly amble up and down roads plucking flowers or speaking to random people on the road.My biggest hobby was studying people..Very interesting ,human Psychology is...

Deepthi is like me in many ways ;both love everything related to English and both have younger sisters.Also both of us have several similar views on various issues...Today was great..I know she liked it too..Though Sumana was like "talk to others too",It's just that they'll laugh at us...

We revisited those old "Barbie days"....I now there are people who thing it's girly n being a sissy.I don't care a damn- losers..I like what I like n Nobody can change that..
Yeah,as a kid I loved those dolls and I loved the additional sets you got along with them..It was nice to recollect something you will never get back in you life but will always remain in your heart..
Just like every boy has played with Hot wheels ,I have also loved dolls and dressing them up..
Deeps and I have a lot in common in this aspect..

Ok Ma's calling me 4 dinner...I gtg...Bu lemme finish first..

I can't forget the blunder I made while speaking of dolls(I can't tell what it is but all I can say is Evribody saw the three of us laughing with tears in our eyes @ my crazy mistake!!!)

Then lunch with Syko was nice and Physics was also good though it was 2 periods.. Computer as usual she came and said something to me...PT was kay coz I hate Throwball but I liked it for the Jokes and for the fact that I was the slowest when everybody rushed up the stairs...

next what happened...Is watery and i dont want to elaborate...

Sall for today!!!
LOADS OF WORK 2 DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!