Saturday, January 30, 2010

My 15th in Wayanad......

25th of January 2010 will remain in my memory not only because it was my 15th Birthday but also because we were heading to Blue Ginger Resorts, Wayanad!!
After getting ready and a visit to the temple ,it was time to start..It was really sad to leave Anbu out of the this trip but it was inevitable...

We started off from our house at 10:33 am and the drive was pretty smooth...With Mom asleep Dad was driving at 100km/hr and within two hours we had landed in Mysore...Ma was pretty dazed to wake up and find herself in the Dasaprakash Hotel driveway..

After lunch we entered the National Park area and Dad told us to keep looking for any animal...
Then as I was taking random videos of the highway road,Dad spotted and deer and even Ma saw it...Sadly,Dad reversed the car and the poor thing ran away....

And now for the big thing(literally,it was!!)..we saw a few people standing and watching something at a short distance and out of curiousity,even we slowed down and what we saw was an Elephant!!!!(I say it's small,Dad says it was medium sized and Ma is raving about a gigantic elephant !!).Immediately, I got out the camera and captured the whole thing in camera mode..It goes like this:
  • I get out of the car and so does Dad(but I shut it with a bang.)
  • I'm wearing black(Dad's like It saw someone of its one kind)..(my friends totally agree with that..)
  • The elephant saw me and with a loud "Rrrraaaaaaaaaa"(Ok I heard it like that!) charged towards us.(According to Amma, there was a huge cloud of dust by its heavy movement)
  • I'm watching the whole thing ,thinking how good the video is gonna be. Dad runs toward the car..
  • I 'm still standing there foolishly looking into the camera until Dad shouts "GET INSIDE NOW!!!!!!"...And then seeing the animal pretty close by I rush into the car..And Dad immediately starts the car and we're going in Hi-Speed.
  • I realize the video is still capturing all the drama and on focusing it to the spot where we were a few seconds ago,now stood and angry young elephant!
  • Oh!I forgot to mention! There was background music as well!!(Ma was totally petrified and imagining what would have happened if we ran away..or if the elephant had a go @ the car...(Dad n me are like"It's ok!it's over !!It was fun wasn't it??")
  • When we saw the video,we were happy that the elephant had come out fairly well in the whole thing but Dad says the biggest thing is all the Masala added my Amma and not the elephant itself(Which is true...very true....)
After this fiasco(I dunno any other word...) we saw deer and a distance...The drive was real good and Dad was enjoying it too..
Very soon we reached the said destination from where we were told that a jeep would take us to the resort.Ma was apprehensive about how the ride was going to be...

Not very soon the jeep arrived ;driven by Iforgothisname and after explaining our problem,we started the journey..
I don't want to drag this part(though it actually took nearly 1 hr to get there..)The gist is that the drive was really bad.We (Especially Mom) Didn't enjoy it one bit and Ma was extremely tired and it was a painful journey uphill on an untarred path.We reached the place rather subdued and ma immediately declared that she did'nt like the resort..

(To be Continued....)

19th Feb..

Ok so we entered the resort and were in no mood to recieve our welcome drink(mom would have willingly thrown it on his face!!:))So we saw our cottage.I instantly loved it and tried to cheer them up but looks like they were not too happy so I left it at that..

I had a look around the place and liked it for its laid back atmosphere(Some thing I love!)..It was in the midst on a plantation on one side and a forest on the other with a wonderful view of Chembra peak..
I liked the pool (Actually there were 2..)but I swam in neither(Since I can't which I know is a silly thing..)Dad and I played TT and later we took a few pics and played carrom..I almost forgot! it was my Bday that day and I was enjoying every minute it!!I had finished a decade and a half on Earth!!!I kept telling Ma and Pa how much I liked this place...They too were slowly beginning to like the place.By dinner all of us were in High spirits the bad ride was forgotten and we had a wonderful meal and went to bed....

Day 2

All of us woke up damn late(Even pa!) and then Dad and I went for a walk were we climbed down to a small waterfall and stood there enjoying the beauty..I don't know what I liked more; the fact that I was here for a break and away from home after a real long time or the beauty of the place..It's complicated but I enjoyed every minute of it...

Then after Mom n Dad had a walk(I was reading Pollyanna) we lazed around, then went for The Trek!!!!
Mom said she would'nt come so we didn't force..Then we were all geared up and Jitin(The guy who would take us on the trek) came...

First we reached a huge rock atop a bigger rock aroung wich water flowed..This man moved slowly said "first put you're leg here" and "here and then finally "here!"..
I was like "How D'you do that?", then I tried and put my foot and SPLASH!!(I fell into the water!!!!I thought I had fallen several feet but later I was told it was less than 3 feet r sumthing.)

We kept taking breaks and slowly we climbed the rocks by the stream.We also took a few snaps on the way..
One thing about rock climbing is You've gotta find you're way..The guide may help you up but if you wanna get going you need to find the right footing..Much like how it is in my life.I need to find my calling and work towards it..No body can teach you rock climbing..You discover it yourself...Just like life..It's an unending discovery ..
W e traced the mouth of the stream but could'nt get to the exact location since the route was getting too we started back and reached within half an hour..