Friday, May 28, 2010

Board Not Bored exams this year.........

Hullo! Long time no see...
Really, I have so much to write about too...
Watching "You belong with me" for no reason...
School started and yeah I went to Sirsi etc and made a nice album of it too..Twas  a nice experience. Rural India is unspoilt and less crowded.Goks Beach was loveley and Yana was a wonderful sight. The Sonda mutt had a tranquil atmosphere which I had never felt anywhere before.And it was fun with Jyothi and Pooja.Not to forget Sigandur , Honnemardu or Marikamba temple.
Yes, I did miss that leadership program and that's why I'm going tomorrow. 
8 Days since school started and what should I say??
Sunday was Nidhi's Bday and I saw Twilight on Saturday!
He's not hot and she's not cute but together they make Twilight a lovely movie.
And Shrek was not bad either.Had 3 Ice creams! So that day was good except for the fact that I knew there would work PILED up..
Wrote and essay for C mam about "What I was supposed to do and what I ended up doing in the hols and why?" . I rather liked writing it.
School's as usual feeling diff that's all. Sanskrit new teacher. Oh, I got my papers too. What can I say? 8.5% depreciation.But 6% improvement in Sanskrit! Order now: S Me D. Last time: D Me S. I'm balanced.
So then Yesterday spoke to C mam and she gave Valuable tips.Try to follow them too.Started as a matter of fact. FB once a week. Lot of things to remember actually.

Me: I chatted with Samy the other day.
Nidhi: Samy who?
Me: Samaneh Jawad, Don't you know?
Nidhi: God! Why are you so into her?
Me: Really, I'm not.......!
Nidhi: Shut up!

I play better when you're not around and I'm calmer too. So don't come. - Me.( To myself. I wish I could tell it to the concerned person though.)

Your Love is my Drug - Ke$ha

I don't care what people say
The rush is worth the price I pay
I get so high when you're with me
But crash and crave you when you are away

So I got a question;
Do you want to have a summer party in my basement?
Do I make your heart beat like a native drum?
Is my love, your drug?
(huh) Your drug? (huh) your drug? (huh) your drug?
Is my love, your drug?

Relatives are a necessary Evil- C mam

I listen to English songs -Deepthi

R u an American? - Me (.Foolishness.)

Have you become thin, girl?- Computer Teacher ( No names exist for her. Only "Boy" and "Girl")

Haha- Samaneh Jawad ( That's mostly all that she said throughout that chat)

SO!- Anagha Aravind , Urja Tibrewal and Achala Keshava ( I never get it.)

Tommy's the leadership thingy and I'm rather nervous. The Pursuit Of Happiness seems like a real good movie. I should see it fully sometime.
Books I read in the hols:
Good Wives-Louisa May Alcott
Around the world in 80 days-Jules Verne
The 3 musketeers-Alexander Dumas
Pollyanna grows up
Upper fourth at Malory Towers-Enid Blyton
Drunken Forest-Gerald Durrell
A lotta chicken soup for my kinda soul
Harry Potter series for the Nth time...
And now reading Jungle Book.

10th then. So pretty hectic eh? I do wanna do well in my Boards.But I think it is cruel that a teacher who says she is "way ahead" of other classes takes our only PT period just to circulate a tuning fork thrice.Not.Very.Nice.

There was an Air crash recently and several innocent citizens were killed.Several families were devastated. Several dreams were shattered. Several lives changed forever. But only a few survived.

And now there's that IDIOTIC plan to make Lalbagh into a commercial money-making amusement park.OUTRAGEOUS.Why do these officials come up with such hideous ideas?
If there is a protest I WILL go to express my rage at the foolishness of the idea. I maybe a schoolgirl but I'm sick and tired of hearing "Man is the culprit" and "Humans are responsible." so I think it's about time we DO something instead of pretending that another species has caused this.

11.20! Good gracious, how time flies.. Pokerface is strange but just like it's singer .Bad Romance Stinks.Anbu fine. Down with a cold. I wish I spent more time with her. She's an adorable child.

Yawn... Are you happy? You better be.