Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's Late. My Fate.

Hols! Really  this time it's bin different... At vasanthnagar...And now back in Banashankari....
Badminton's really nice. Sweating it out like never before.. Love my Corby and Done with Base. Starting Cycling from Tommy.

I should start School Work too... Monday I think...I have time till 20th after that, No Looking Back...
 Bit confused at the moment.. I should ask which standard atleast! Gonna muster enough courage to do so on Monday... Whenever I think of doing so, I invariably walk past with a glance which is returned with interest.
But I got o Baddie to play and do only that. I like the game too. Making new friends... and meeting new people. 
Sorry. More when there's more.

10th May

well m'going outta town in a few days for a few days.Can't wait for tommy.
Dad: "Are rumours that you're  not studying Baseless?"
Me: " Not until Base got over." :-)
Well I completely agree that I haven't been academically productive this hols... But from 20th I've nothing else to do but just that.. Badminton's fun.. I'm seeing real good players..*-*
Yesterday was Deep's Bday..Wished her.. Spoke to Sumana..
Then GOTTO reduce fb time and blog instead.. God, I'm SO happy Samy liked my blog! Getting crazier dreams by the minute...

Well I WILL do it today...I hope so at least.. But actually I don't want to know the truth. Because I fear the worst...TDH.

Lolzzz..  That's enough for you!