Thursday, May 6, 2010


                                                                                                  I'll Wait.

                                           Sometimes I'm confused
                                               Whether what I'm doing is right.
                                      Sometimes I wish those dreams'd come true.
                                            Sometimes I wanna do what I want
                                           Sometimes I don't know what I want.

                                                 Is it wrong? Is it right?
                                            I don't care.Or Maybe I do.
                                    Sometimes I want to share my thoughts.
                                         Sometimes I realize it ain't for me.

                                 Sometimes I wish I could be who I want to be.
                                          Sometimes I think maybe this is me.
                                                    I can't be like that girl.
                              That imaginary girl who has all that I'd ever want.
                                                    I'm like this.Not like her.

                                        But one day, I'll wait for that glorious day.
                                                    I know I shall do it.
                                            And everything will be O.K.
                                           N everyone will be OK with it.
                                                Coz it's my life after all.
                                               Not Today.But Someday.
                                               Maybe Long.But I'll wait.

That Day.

The wind tickled my face.
And Nature celebrated the occasion.
Happy about Nothing.
And quiet smiles to myself.

I knew it. I don't know more.
This was it.
It couldn't be true.
Tickled Pink.

You Know it's true,
when you feel it.
You just can't help,
but bask in it.

Maybe tis the end.
I've had enough.
I spose it ain't for me.
Then there's my goodbye.Known to only me........