Monday, July 19, 2010

Will it work again? Who knows...

Hello again.... Umm yesterday I read a really nice blog by some girl called Nikitha Samanthara or something.. And well I Repeat that yesterday's discussion made me infinitely happy.
Well, I was cleaning this garbage bin called "my room", when I became totally dejected with myself... I mean I have SO many opportunities and I should make the best of it. I hope that  I'll never regret the way I spent my teenage years in future. I told Mani and Dee about my plan..
This computer teacher never gets bored of my antics and that surprises me. I accept I go all lame and foolish and yet she kinda doesn't mind... Whoa..
And that reminds me of that Magnet.And of the Talk that I had today. Whatever.
I love my new hairdo because I can do it myself..
Last time I did Pretty Bad in Math (I had to sadly tell ma'm that she had given me  four precious marks by mistake. :( But I did'nt regret it I think.)
Then what else? 3G model selected. Gd sessions going on... Gb? Ahh, what can I say? :D
And I read an article in DH about radioactive emissions from these connectivity towers.Shocking na? That's because India doesn't have any law or panel to look at these seemingly minor issues.

Well and seriously only 20 people were present today..Majority absent.So tommy is a holiday because they realized fewer people will come tomorrow and that will be Shame.
I think I agree with Dad. I need to change. It's essential.I know where I stand and I admit it's not where I want to be stuck. And I won't care about any "Bloody Nerdy Shit"..(Yes, sometimes I lose my patience and use them mentally). We are what we are. And what Mani did is no "Sin" like what Rajath RD thinks. Hmmm.... I wanna forget that lame issue which reminds of how lame people can get.

Top Story: Of course my DD!!!!! Can anything get bigger than that?
Person I'm thinking of at the moment: Anbu!!! She needs me more and so do I. But I need my textbooks too...