Saturday, July 24, 2010

Candid Confessions.

I need to tell the truth somewhere, to someone. Because I can't keep things bottled up anymore. What do I call it? Not addiction. I left that darn Facebook also. This isn't the first time. I spent the whole day doing nonsense (Ahh, Not Crap) and then I wallow in guilt and despair which never seems to end.All this after a truly BAD performance in Bio yesterday. And I know I'm the girl who talks of Distant Dreams. I just Can't get myself to do something. It's pathetic. I have Base and Moozic to feel guilty about too, Mind you. And I don't wanna go down on my grades but at this freaky rate...... Again another of my defects: Give Up Easily. Pfft.

Well this has GOT TO END. And I need to take immediate action(I.e after this blog). And Daddy shocked me yday by saying if I continue such a patchy performance.No more quizzes. Eeep.. I can't say they're being to strict you know. I think I deserve it. And I'm reading Chicken Soup for The Teenage Soul way more than I need to. Or it ought to be.

On the brighter side... Tomorrow is Rachana's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaay!!!
So I did a card and got her a gift too..Since I couldn't complete my artwork. :(  
Looking Back, I've had SO mUCH Fun with this girl for the last 10 years. I know 1 decade. And It has lasted. 10 summers ago I met her at a park and I know I'll never lose my girl... 
Like I said In my card , I still don't understand how she bore with me.. Acoording to me I can have mad moods, sad silences and can crack the silliest pjs and so on....... But She never made me think that way.. In most of our fights, I would be at fault and yet she would be the one to patch up. She's the patient one , me? the haughty , short tempered impulsive one..
We've had fun in Class, when the teacher was there' not there, During lunch break, sharing our lunch, After school in the auto stand, at each others houses( I remember the Binocular thing at her place and our career discussion in the park near my house), during Guide Camps( The Python Scare Lol!), During school trips( remember that Lady Rambo? And the pool fun I had?), the science models we made, the charts we did for the class, the school day dances, the talents day programs, the Interschool competitions(Horlicks-Camera-U-Fever-Me-Fun-Bus stand rot-Dads came-Confusion-LOL!!!!!), And I could go on and on.....
U kept me balanced and didn't let me go overboard or overexcited or anything.... We're not exactly like 2 peas... We are way different in our choices and opinions at times, but yet that doesn't matter.....
Rachana If you ever read my blog, this is testimony to our Friendship. And I don't want our journey to end. I want to go on and on.. Until I've reached That Destination which I never want to.
                           This is what I intend to gift her tomorrow at Base.

So yeah, On the whole there's been good and bad...
I never told you about WizKids did I? One lovely day! Of courseMLK din know anything, so while I sat questioning why exactly did he have golden hair( He: To hide my white hair.I've bin doing it for the last 2 years. Dint you notice? Me: I have better things to do than stare at your hair). He claims to have a lot of Influence over people(Me: Some people will never be influenced. I'm one of them. He: Good For You.) Went and clicked some photos in Vijay's camera. Anusha took Mani and my photo but sadly all her photos were mysteriously lost. Then what else? As usual , saw a lotta people from across the city..
Sometimes I'm surprised I remember faces so well. Why couldn't I remember how the Root Hair Diagram looked? Then I was a bit upset during the Bus ride back because of Magnet's powers and also that Whistle's Woman( She calls herself a Yellow House leader) 's constant screeches. And what totally irritated me was Vijay asking me if we had fun and when when we said yes like "But you were so quiet..."... Mood Off..
So then I love Mommy and Daddy and I'm thinking of them a lot right now because what I did today(i.e Nothing) made me feel like a cheat ( Like Bobby was told by Miss Grayling in Enid Blyton's St. Clare's). An then we both went home with our Dad's coming almost simultaneously. Dad and Mom have done so much for me... And what I'm doing in Lupin's words is a "Poor Repayment".