Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Long Time No See.

Not Really na?
I always blog about myself so let me try typing some other shit! But the Me Part First (Ever Egoistic Me!!! Haha)
Bio Over Today.
How Did I do?
How Much Will I get?
Pah. I Dunno.
Decided to Reduce FB time. I mean It's time to do something productive. Isn't it?

The Common Wealth Games

I don't know the details.
I don't know the facts to distort them.
But I know this much-it's just SO Sad!!!!
I thought this would be a grand success. But new if the Games just happens without any hiccups, I guess that should be good.
It feels Bad and now our Pride (It should have been) has disgraced us. 


I think people are just not serious about this. The point is the Earth can't provide for so many people. Am I exaggerating? I don't think so. Can we find another planet elsewhere? How long can we stay cramped like this? I can imagine a day where people are fighting for space and survival. I hope that never materializes though. And the answer is not just cutting down more trees for houses. What about a city atop a city? Or a an underground one? Again I must say we'll be destroying Nature.

4th October 2010
2 more papers to go and one day left... So what's up with the world when I'm having exams?
Nothing much except that:
I got to know about the Rouvanjit Rawla suicide and was greatly moved.
CWG finally begins and I could'nt be happier at the wonderful start that it got.
We may go to the museum next Monday.
I haven't written my papers neatly.
UG story over. SJ will follow soon. I'm happy. Next it's DP's friend I want!
Boca Raton! (No more,never fear.Your secret is safe)
Buddi ka Bday! (Duks came and so did Nidhi, and I blabbed more than I had to to that 13 year old)
Lol XD is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( Haha, I think this is just awesome!)
NO MOBILE FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS!! How could I forget? I'll miss textin Duks, BN, Pinks and Lol XD! (Ok, I'll stop.. :D)
Todsee Sanskrit got over and I don't know what to say!
Btw I'm Addicted to Snake Xenzia! haha :P
And tomorrow is English Language and Computer and this is how I'm going to "study" for it.
I wanted to blog about this since a long time. I know I can't do complete justice to it but I want to try atleast.

The Wheel Of Life.

It all began 5 years ago in a dingy room. A plumpy man with a bushy beard put a seal and shoved me into a leather suitcase. I saw no light for several weeks. One day finally, I saw the Light of the day but it was immediately obscured by a tall man whose eyes gleamed hungrily at the sight of the suitcase. I was young and naive then, and knew nothing about man's moods. He shut the suitcase with a crisp 'Click' and grabbed the suitcase. Soon, my friends got out of the suitcase into the world, I knew not where they went and what became of them, but I too was eager to escape the stiffling confines of my dungeon.

One day, a woman picked me up and placed me in her bag. Of course, the contents of a woman's Bag are too many to talk about but I'll say that I had a great time observing the other occupants of the Dolce and Gabbana.Although she was rich, she was not a spendthrift since her eyes had a wistful look each time she parted with her money.Very soon, I was in the scented hands of a hairdresser who did not care much about me. To my astonishment, there was a gusty wind as a customer opened the door and I was lifted gently and moved away while she didn't bother to pick me up until she was told to do so, which she did grudgingly. And yes, this was a stinking rich lady with a wonderful house and all the luxuries. I knew I wouldn't last long in her hands but I was surprised how I missed it every time.

There was a traffic jam and the air was filled with soot and smoke. A dirty scented wafted across and before I knew it I was in rough and worn out hands. The eyes were moist and filled with gratitude. The warmth in his hands was something I will never forget. Neither of us wanted to part. He knew my Value and I knew that hew knew it and I was impressed. Months later I went to a young girl who didn't really care about me. She dropped me on the street and 3 children began fighting over me. I was badly injured and took many weeks to recover. And it was then that I visited a shop. But before I could see how it was I was given to an old man......

And today my story is complete.Because after this long journey from hand to hand, each treating me in a different way, each giving me a different identity, while I have been a 50 Rupee Note all this while. Today I was back in Mr.Hungry Eye's hands. Of course he didn't know..He will never know. And that makes all the difference in the world. A full cycle.......


And there goes... I loved the topic I thought of, but I know I can make it better.:|

Until then, Lol XD (Gosh! I must stop!!!! Haha SFCBR is the new name!)