Saturday, August 20, 2011

Delhi Day 3 (or 4?)

This was our fourth day in Delhi, i.e if you consider the third day, most of which was spent in Agra or travelling...

So, on our fourth day, we got up a bit leisurely, got ready and packed up. Why? Because we were going to Baba Inn. I know, the name sounds... Different, and I had my preconceived notions about the place even before we saw the place. Why, you may ask, did we leave good ol' Ginger. Well, our booking was only for 3 days, and there was no chance of getting another day there. So rather reluctantly, we left the pigeons and the comfy beds and the Titanic TV.(Yes, I watched Titanic (first time) in Delhi. Aww. What A Movie.)

Baba Inn was hidden in some corner of the not-so-posh (rather dingy and crowded) Dariyaganj. The Innova took us close to the hotel, but the road was too narrow. I'm not exaggerating, but a lot of people were watching with interest as we unloaded our luggage (about 8 bags in all :]). I kept giving Papa doubtful looks and he said nothing. And then we entered the hotel. From some other entrance, since the main entrance was under construction.

And we were led to our rooms. I was highly apprehensive about the state of our room, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Rooms were Just Fine! Papa and Lokesh took the bigger room and Vidha3 and I took the room with the softer bed. Our room was cozy and perfect! Lol.

We went to Jantar Mantar. It was a nice place, but honestly, we really couldn't understand the importance of the structures.After this, next stop was Dilli Haat (Recommended by WikiTravels). So, our driver took us there.

Papa kept saying, "Now girls, Its your turn. I take the backseat. You decide what you like and buy it."

One thing I love about my Dad, (Rather, one of the zillion things I love about him) is that, he spends wisely.He says" when you visit some place you are not likely to visit frequently, you should buy a souveneir. Or you see something really good, don't lose it. You don't visit everyday. Spend wisely in Bangalore." (Splurge elsewhere? :P) He demonstrated this several times during our Travels, especially at Indira Gandhi Intl. Airport. He wanted me to buy something for Divya from one of the stores in the airport. I found everything overpriced, so I told him its not worth it. I must say he was disappointed. He pointed out that everytime he went abroad, he would get me something from the Airport in that city. And not think twice about the price. Simply because, he didn't think he would go back there again. And also so that I could say, "My Papa got this toy from XYZ City". I realized I shouldn't deprive Divya of the privileges I had in my childhood, and went ahead and got a soft toy (which incidentally is of the mascot of the 2011 World Cup).

The first thing that caught our eye as soon as we entered DH was the DH Haasu.

I made my first buy for Divya. (A cute choli). Incidentally I began the business for the day for the lady. We bargained (or so we thought). It was fun.'Thoda kum kardijiye. Yeh tho bahut zyada hai. Bangalore me itna costly nahi Hai." Yes, Butler Hindi. And the tactic Amma tries never fails. We bargain for a while, and if the shopkeeper does not relent, pretend to walk away. Very often, he will quote a lower price and seal the deal.

We strolled around the stalls, taking in the mela-like atmosphere. An old man sat huddled in a corner. Producing melodies of yesteryears in his intrument. Not many stopped to listen to his tunes, but those few who bothered, were happy they did. I think its a Piteel. We bought one. To this day, I haven't mastered the art of producing any melody in it.

After buying a few other things, we had authentic Rajasthani Khana. And I got drunk. (Haha Yes. I drank Fruit Beer.) *Non Alcoholic, for the moronic. :P

After this, we landed at Sarojini Market. After passing AIIMS. Papa said he'd take a short nap and asked if we'd be okay with shopping with Lokesh to help. Of course, we were fine with and it and we began. Only we didn't know where to begin. The whole market, has clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics. You name it, They have it. After a bit of wandering and enquiring we got what we wanted. Some of the stuff were really cheap. I got a pant for Rs.200. How cool is that? (The fact that it tore the second time I wore it is noteworthy.) Then we got a few Tees, a dress and a dress material for Amma. After this we began to trace our way back. Only, we got lost. Completely lost. Luckily, Sarojini Market has maps of the whole area at regular intervals and we found one. We called up Dad, but we couldn't give him specific instructions where to come. Finally, after a lot of confusion, Papa arrived!! =) He had a few words for us. Nothing wrong in getting lost, but atleast describe the location where you are, the stores nearby, the layout. Whew!

After that, what'dya think we did? Duh. We clicked pictures. In our new clothes. What fun. And we went online. (Vidha3 and I had a lot of fun regd. Comments on Facebook. =P)

We then backed allt he clothes we needed for the remainder of the Travels in one bag and those we didn't need in another. This bag was to be kept in the hotel.The Manager was kind enough to allow this arrangement since it would be highly inconvenient to carry so many bags, especially since we were travelling via train. After this, we had something like a Gobi Manchurian and went to bed (i.e after going on FB). I guess it was around 10:45 when we slept. Not ideal when You have a train to catch the next day...

Oh, and I remember getting stuck in the washroom for a few minutes since the doorlock was jammed. I spent a few anxious moments thinking. And finally, much to Vidha3 and my relief, the door righted itself. That was a close shave!