Saturday, August 20, 2011


We started out very early. We had our breakfast on the way. The place seemed okay. We saw camels, I think.It took us nearly 4 hours. And the Sun beat down on us mercilessly. First, we went to Akbar's Tomb. We went underground, a Man sung a song in Urdu which reverbrated throughout the underground chamber. The acoustics of the entire structure was very interesting and we spent some time experimenting.

Enroute, we encountered a man with his monkeys. He thought we'd be amused. It was sad to see those monkeys in the clutches of that guy.

We saw the Mathura Oil Refinery which was mentioned in our EVE textbook, and a thick black smoke was billowing from its chimney..Then, after what seemed like forever, we Reached!

We glimpsed the structure from a distance and slowly made our way through. Dad purchased tickets and we hopped into a battery powered vehicle. As soon as we got down. We were mobbed (Yes, people pushing each other to get to us first) by eager Guides. Dad wanted one, but none seemed genuine and couldn't produce any ID card.

Papa And Me In front of Taj.
Photo Courtesy: Ms. Urala :)
Note: You cant smile when its scorching.
And there it was, The Taj Mahal- Monument Of Love. Built under the rule of Shah Jahan for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

It was stunningly beautiful. And crowded. And to click a picture with the Taj in the background is not easy with hordes of people wanting to do the same thing, all at the same spot, at the same time. Yet we managed to get a few good pictures..

The fountain-like small water body in front of the Mahal was like an oasis in the stiffling hot desert that we were in. We made our way towards the structure (barefoot after a while) and saw ducks in a river at a distance (Yamuna I presume). After this, we went out, bought a few souveneirs. And had South Indian Meals (I think I was the only Loser in the group to try N.Indian) in a Udupi Hotel (Run by N.Indians).

"Alli snow idya? Hegidira?"
Vidha3 talking to her KulluManali cousin.
Location: Agra Fort
Photo Courtesy: Yours Truly.
Post lunch, we did a very quick tour of Agra Fort which is like a replica of Red Fort in Delhi.

After this, we went to Krishna's Birthplace. Mathura. Now, i.e a few months after the trip, my memories of Mathura consist of: Cows, More Cows and Cow dung. :P

It was hot. Which meant I wasn't in the best of moods. But the temple was good. And the paintings on the ceiling (I wonder how they did it). And the best part of Mathura is that, next to this huge temple, there's an equally big mosque. :)

And after this, It was straight back to Ginger. (No wait, we stopped for tea at some dhabha but all I remember of the place is mosquitos. Vidha3 and I had a tough time swatting them out. And that was all for the day.

I bet we would've crashed into bed after gobbling something....