Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dont Judge.

There was this short 2nd year boy who used to come in my van. He hardly looked like a 2nd PU boy, to me he looked like maybe an 8th standard student! This boy was in the IIT section and was always seen with a P/C/M book or a console in the van. For some strange reason, the CET 2nd years always picked on him. Sometimes even the 1st PU students joined in their idea of "Fun". Called him a variety of names and ripped him to bits. However, I never saw the boy react or respond to all their taunts and jibes. It was like they didn't exist. Slowly, the number of people insulting  him increased. Yet, he always sat with a few loyal friends and his books.. 

Then the van routes changed. This boy was now in another van. A relief, I bet, from the constant ragging. I didn't see much of this boy after that, but I had developed an opinion that something was wrong with this boy. (Yes, this was very wrong of me considering the fact that I hadn't even spoken to him and here I was judging him)

Since the past week, a stray dog is the newest student of Deeksha. Yes, I've seen it climb up the ladder (It preferred that over the staircase) and go near the 2nd year's classes. It often sits outside their classroom and dozes. (while the students sit inside and doze). People treated the dog differently. Some patted it, some didn't mind it and some kicked it. Mostly it was the 2nd or 3rd option.

A few days back, I saw the unlikeliest pair. It was lunchbreak. A time when most people meet their friends and have a chat.. (There are some recluses too, who are ensconsed in their books and prefer to stay inside the classroom. Not a bad option if you have a test the next day.) I saw this Boy and The Dog. The boy was sitting on the muddy floor (There's some construction going on there) and was petting the dog. Both were grinning at each other. (Yes, the dog Was Grinning. :P) No big deal you may say, but to me it was a profound moment. Both the boy and the dog didn't have many friends. But they had found each other. And how happy they were! What right did I have to judge the person?

*Maybe I've exaggerated. But This is how I see it.

Also, I should stop judging people by their %. Yes, whether you do the same or not I don't know, but I do this. Unconsciously. And I think it's a bad idea.

Good Morning! :)
(Probably the first time I'm blogging in the morning)
This was my 51st blog post.

There is so much turmoil. Everywhere. And within. Peace can come only from within.

Exactly a year ago, I'd blogged. "Candid Confessions". I guess I haven't changed much. But everything around me has.