Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Group Studies. Socializing.RFTs. Psychology.

One fine day I decided to give Group Studies a try. So Sanjana, Lavanya, Varsha and myself stayed back after regular college got over. The 12th's had special classes so transport was no problem.
What ensued:
  • It rained. We ate Pav Bhaji. Did Physics- 1D Motion. (We studied. I had a good time.)
  • The physics Test (for which we studied) was postponed.
  • Aman and Manish found this very funny. (The fact that I pioneered the "Group Study Phenomenon" among the 11th's. They found it hard to believe that we did anything other than gossip. And I got tired of convincing them.)

Then last weekend was hectic. It all began on Friday. I got down near COD, waited for the arrival of Anu and Neha. Twas nice to see Neha after nearly 3 months. :) Fashionista Much? So we booked a cake, ate cakes, swallowed Golgappas and strolled to the bus stop. Neha and I got a Marco Polo. It was a remarkable thing to see Neha sitting!

Next Day: (Saturday June 25th)
 After a fairly normal day at college, I got into Meghna's bus (after arguing with Imtiaz uncle) and had a mad conversation with a mad acquaintance (No, I DON'T have the guts to put excerpts of the conversation here.). So Pooja, Sanjana, Swetha, Sindhu and I got down at Madhavan Park and walked towards Pooja's House, which is one well designed Home! (Her dad is an architect). Pooja's mom, an extremely gracious and enterprising lady played perfect host to the group. The artworks of Pooja and her parents adorned the walls of the house. Here again, I gorged on golgappas. And yeah, Kesribath. Soon we were joined by Disha, Sharada, a wet and highly excited Likitha, petite and pretty Vipula, Apeksha and dressed up Padmashri. After clicking loads of pics, twas time for cake cutting!!! And This was Fun!! Sanjana  looked like a brown mess and we conveniently kept putting more cake on her face after every time she washed it until we realized what a waste of cake this was and began hogging what was left of the sinful delight! Post this was a Dance session (Yes, I, I, Actually danced and my friends even imitated my steps but that's probably cause it looked hilarious)) And then came the Buh-Byes and Hugs and All the Best's and What-Not. It was a nice evening. Different. And left me drained. Because ALL I did after coming home was sleep.

Oh!!! And I just rememebered! Today was the "Report Card Day" in college. Mine was nothing great. Paapa didn't come. Which was a pity. So I introduced my friends to Ma. Raksha's Mom's pretty. And the Great Suraj's Mom spoke to me. (Atthe knows her) . And when she asked how are you finding Deeksha, I could only say "uh... Um...It's nice.. I should do better..." and stammer like an idiot. What I wanted to convey was "I like the college and my friends but I'm not as smart as your son so I should work a lot harder." (-A Friend Of Mine perfectly understood my confusion and suggested this.) And of course, the AceTabs were officially on sale.

Day After: Sunday. June 26th.

After planning from weeks, I was thrilled about this day! 3:30 Ma dropped me and Anu opposite COD. Sumana and Vidha3 arrived. The cake didn't have the run-of-the-mill "Happy Birthday". It said " Priya Makshi, Janmadinasya Shubhashayaha".( Suggested by Vidha3!). There was much speculation regarding the arrival of Dee, but when she finally made it, we brisk-walked to DG and got into 2 autos. Anu and me were leading the way and I began to panic after reaching Sangam Circle. (We had to go to Sapna). I claimed to know the way. After nearly dying of panic, we reached Sapna. I must say, that this was the quickest buy that I've (actually we) made.
  • Room On The Roof (Ruskin Bond)
  • The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
And then, Ms.Danavadi called and gave us a shock, She and Neha were in the auto and Aks was probably in the Bus. I seriously began to hyperventilate. Especially after it began to rain lightly. And we couldn't find cash to pay for the books. And we couldn't find an auto.

Soon, all was well, we were in the auto (urging to driver to go faster) and we got down in what was believed to be the road where Aks ki house was located. Dee was the only one who knew the House. Funnily enough, although we got down right in front of Makshi's house, she couldn't recognise. Lol. Anyway Duk came in a few minutes. We shook hands like professionals and she led the way. Akshata's mother was equally excited about all this which was very sweet..

All of us chatted and caught up with the latest buzz in our respectives colleges and clicked pics (in Makshi's Room) until she FINALLY arrived! She walked in and began talking to her mom. I peeped out of her room and she noticed the sudden movement and rushed towards the room and that was when all of us burst into 'Happy Birthday' while Makshi glowed with happiness.

And then, the Cake Cutting, the Candles that refused to blow out, Cake on Makshi's Face, Maggi+Lays+Jamun...

Actually I was under the impression that her test timings were 10:AM to 5:PM (Like their PUC/CET Test timings). So I thought that she would login only that night and wrote on her FB Wall (around 8:AM) "Happy Bday Makshi! You Have NO idea what's in store for you today! Today is going to be EPIC"!" But to my bad luck, her timings were 2:PM to 5:PM So she saw my post, got curious and had an inkling of some surprise...

It was a nice evening. I hope Makshi had a great time! And Yeah, It was good to meet Duk. :)

RFTs are over. Term Exams are coming up. Improvement Essential.

Sindhura, my classmate (Also a Bio-med student) hopes to become a psychiatrist. She gave me this Psychology book, and I think it's Amazing!
  • Blink- Malcolm Gladwell
She's promised to get me more because this one has shown me how interesting psychology is!

Blink is about how split second decisions can sometimes be better than well researched decisions. It's about how intuition can be useful.

Thin Slicing: To know about a person, a book or even how happy a couple are, you don't have to go in depth to know the answer.

Eg 1): Instead of meeting me in person, If you were allowed into my room for about a minute, wouldn't you gather quite a bit by looking around? (Researches say Yes.)

Eg 2) Designed by a MIT Psychology Prof, It's called the Love Lab. A couple is asked to have a conversation in this room seated in two chairs which have the equipment to measure the shift in seating, heart beat, sweat rate, etc. And of course, the whole conversation is videotaped. This professor could predict with 95% accuracy the success of the marriage by just watching a few minutes of the video. This is majorly by studying the facial expressions which have been given 20 codes. Like, 1=> Disgust, 2=> Contempt, etc.On the whole, It's exciting! So you don't really have to know the couple for years or even months to predict.

I'm even half way through with the book, I'm going rather slow, considering all the other things I've to attend to...

So long! :)