Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Once Upon A Time.

It all began with an article in the newspaper nearly 5 years ago, which highlighted the rise of new age websites for teens. Namely Stardoll and Doppelganger. Out of sheer curiousity, I asked Paapa to get the laptop and with a lot of excitement, we opened the website! I still remember, the first doll I dressed up (we? Haha) was Angelina Jolie!

And then began a journey which changed my life forever.

Stardoll is a website (mainly for girls). There are 2 parts.

  • You dress up celebrities. In the sense you get to see their wardrobe, so you play their stylist. And you can save your dressups in an album too.
  • You have your own suite. And you buy furniture for your room. You have your own "Medoll" (Your virtual representation) which you dress up with the clothes you buy with the Stardollars you earn. Complicated? Yeah, so you decide how you look online too.
Trust me, At that point of time, It was fascinating! A whole new world! I made a few online friends nah, not really), started a nature club and designed my own home in the most Fabulous Way!

But the major drawback: Stardoll is not reality. My medoll did'nt look remotely like the real me. My home did'nt look as gorgeous as the (Fake?) virtual one.

But I loved it! Until things changed on 23th September 2008.

Only the ones who've seen my account, my suite, know how much effort I've put into the whole thing. Because it looked Ah-Mazing! Growing up with Stardoll, was great. It was an unforgettable experience. Something that I'll cherish forever. Sadly my account was deleted due to non-usage. And I don't really have any relics/remains of the virtual world I'd created. :(

Maybe it was for the better, but my only dissapointment is that all that I did for 3 years is lost forever. Also, Stardoll is no more what it was. Its undergone a total transformation. Change is the only constant.