Thursday, June 2, 2011


Friends. Forever. :)
Wednesday was memorable. During Breakfast break I had Sanjana's Left over Pizza! (Yum!) and during Lunch ate biscuits and had loads of fun with friends. No, This was the first time I had a junkie meal. And fter 6th period, I literally RUSHED out of the class, ran to the van and sat impatiently! I excited all my otherwise-calm friends with my inane chatter and hyper-ness. And when the van was near KIMS, things rather got out of hand! I had to calm myself down. But the excitement I had still makes me smile. So I jumped out of the van when he stopped near COD and ran towards MyTeaHouse, opened the door and............................. entered the world where people understand me the best and accept me the way I am, where I am free to be myself without fear of being judged, where I am myself.

So I was much more talkative. I spoke to everybody. Had fun. Munched a bit of garlic bread. Chatted with my friends. When I was with them, I suppose I didn't realize how much they mean to me. I guess I took things for granted. Now I think twice before every action of mine. And so, I spent 2 whole hours with my friends. I miss Deepthi. We had a nice time talking. So Sweet she is. I was highly Senti-Menti with Anu. And I spoke to V3 and Mani as well. Twas great. The photos are awesome! :P Love the Group Photo!

Oh and I'm not really concerned about those who didn't make it to MTH. Let's keep that undisclosed.

On a serious note, It's rather like a challenge.I was in my comfort zone with all these folks. Probably that explains my eagerness to meet them. Here (at DCFL), the people don't know me. I have to prove myself. They have no idea who I am. Which means I should began from scratch.

My English has gone to DOGS. It's so frustrating. I Have Proof. Bye.