Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day In Deeksha.

I get up between 4 and 5 (the alarms start ringing from 3:30 AM) itself. I look through my books and sleepily try to do something productive. Around 6 I proceed to get ready. By 7 Ma and Pa start panicking (Pa starts pointing towards my watch and Ma keeps saying "If you miss your van, we can't drop you all the way") while I keep Laughing to myself all the while because the van comes only at 7:20 and the drive from the house to the stop is less than a minute. So Ma drives to the stop (While we cheer her :P) and I wait until the Deeksha Van arrives exactly at 7:20 AM. I usually sit with Meghna and mornings are relatively quiet in the van.
 (Actually, It's fun in the van, usually, I'm not a part of the conversation but I end up laughing at the really awesome jokes the others crack!)
 Then, around 8:15 AM we reach College, we deposit (atleast we are expected to) our gadgets and proceed for the Assembly.During the first week, singing the college song was a Nightmare. I Just Could Not get a hang of the lyrics. So I mumble some nonsense. Actually, our so-called prayer is the weirdest one I've heard till date. And after this, students are encouraged to come forward and share anything. More often then not, They crack a few PJs or sing a song. However, when the seniors conducted a Mini-quiz, I was pleasantly surprised. Also they announce the toppers of the weekly tests conducted. Occasionally, Dr.Shridhar makes an appearance.

After this we go back to class and say, we have Physics. So Narendra Sir comes and spends half the time cleaning the blank board or flashing a variety of smiles. Of course, he quickly gets into the topic for the day and the class progresses smoothly. At 9:45 AM, the class ends, and I rush out to have breakfast (again?!) and catch up with friends. After this, Let's say we have Chem. So Ahipathi walks in panics about how slow we are compared to the other sections. Inevitably, he spends the rest of the class on 1 or 2 sums-
  • First he gives time for us to Analyze the problem.
  • Seeing that most of the class is still blinking after giving us considerable amount of time, he gives a hint.
  • About 20% of the class grasps the hint and makes some progress. (The rest are still clueless)
  • Then after clearing individual doubts, he makes quick calculations on the board. And explains to the entire class. *Enlightenment*
After this, the same process repeats for the other problems. And that's Ahipathi for you. Btw the meaning of his name is "Nagaraj", so he is "fondly" called King Cobra by some students. Or "Bohar" (That's how he pronounces Bohr) by the rest. :P

Sarala Ma'am walks in next and immediately begins with the chapter. I kind of like her. Doesn't speak anything else other than Maths. Teaches it well. I guess most Maths teachers are like that. So I like her classes. So Time passes quickly.

Basvaiah comes next and I'm usually hungry by now itself. So frequency of checking the time on the watch increases.In Basvaiah's class, the seating arragement changes and this, in no way helps in the the preservation of peace inside the class. Actually, he's a good teacher. Except that he's inaudible over all the noise.

Next , Phanirazz comes in with his wig-that-might-fall-anytime and collar-mike-that-switches-on-and-off-moodily. This Sir is one of a kind! Hilarious, a laugh riot, and also a very good teacher.

He insists that we call the questions in our book, not as "Problems" but as "Ideas". And calls Physics, "The Queen of Sciences". And he believes in common sense and nothing more, nothing less.And several other dialogues that have had the class in splits. More than narrating it, his class has to be experienced to be understood.

Then comes Lunch and again I rush out. We ( Sanjana, Meghna, Disha, Pooja, Sharada, Padmashri and Shwetha) usually sit near the canteen. I'm the only one in the group from C Section, Med Bio. And Not from CBSE. Yeah, there are several other such anomalies, but moving on, Lunch Break is good. 30 minutes is highly insufficient.

After this, Games period divides the class. some girls and boys play Basketball. Actually, I was ( not am) eager to play as well, but some how I felt I did'nt know them that well. I doubt I ever will anyway. And from the last few classes, I play Dumb Charades and It's Great Fun!! Nirupama, Harshita, Sonika, Thagnatha, Varsha, Dhana (I call her that but her Name's actually Dhana Lavanya), Varsha, Aparajita, Shambhavi  Sanjana Priyanka and I have this "Hangout" in the college. There's a small courtyard of sorts, overlooking a smaller fishtank, and in this cool and shady place, one can hear the high pitched giggles of us girls.

Sometimes we go back early to class, if we have work pending or a test the next day. And then we have Mallikarjuna Sir. (Called Hitler2 by some. Actually he's really good.) Apparently, all trigonometry teachers have this  strange accent. The "Trigo Accent"? Possibly due to constantly chanting formulae. He's a bit fast but I think he's good.
Of course, there's Rupa (Botany), Kavitha (Phy) and the Bio Sir (Zoology). The teach well and their classes and good.

And at the stroke of 4:15, we're out of the class and back in our vans. The return journey is rather boisterous. Especially If you sit at the back. It's like sitting in a Comedy Show. Or else I listen to music. Or I Text my Friends!! :) Today we played Dumb Charades in the Van as well.. Real Good Fun!

Around 5:15 I get down and walk back with Abhigna (Senior) or sometimes alone. I love the short walk back home. And since few days I've been seeing this tiny pup on the way. The Tiniest Pup I've ever seen. I don't know why, I'm surprised, But I'm really attached to the poor lil creature. I often wonder how it'll survive with all the vehicles and hostility around it. The cutest thing I've ever seen! :)

And that's A Deeksha Day for you!