Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well. The Last Time I blogged , I remember being hysterical over how Deeksha would be. So much has changed. Truly!

29th April

·         Orientation Program-Speech by Dr. Shridhar and Gopalan Ma'am.
·         Chemistry-Introduction to Fundamentals. 3 branches in Chemistry-Phy, Orgo and Inorganic. Also discussed Atomic Structure and IIT Question Paper Pattern: Comprehension, Integer Type, Matrix Matching…..
·         Presentation about How Deeksha Is, What To Expect, What is expected…… Motivating as well made us aware of the challenges ahead.

I met Disha (From Base), Meghna and Sanjana. At the end of the day, I felt happy because this was where I wanted to be and I was happy that I had found friends faster than expected.

1st May

·         Van- 7:10AM
·         Reached: 8:15 AM
·         Assembly, Prayer and classes began.
·         After 1 class, breakfast, then 3 classes. After this Lunch, 2 classes, 1 class- free period.
·         Van- 4:30 PM
·         Reached: 5:45 PM

On the 1st day the Chemistry teacher said " At the end of 2 years, Deeksha will change you as a person. It is not only academics that is important. A good human being with values is what we would want."

 And I believe, It’s true. Yes, we have a uniform and a school-like atmosphere, but I am happy. This place is good for me. And what’s more, I have the “Right” friends here (one is a leftie btw). The teachers are good. They explain really well and clear doubts as well as supply additional gyaan. We have Games period as well to refresh ourselves. And the Canteen is Ah-Mazing compared to the dysfunctional “Maggi Station” we had back at Carmel.
It’s unbelievable but true- I’ve settled down faster than I expected.  I’m getting used to the work and studying, I’ve made friends and what’s more I’m happy! The other day I spoke to Rachana (I Know, Right?) and we were discussing about our respective colleges.  It all seemed so distant. Speaking of distance, Yes, Deeksha is far, but it’s OK!
Coming back to academics, I don’t really feel lost because I’ve either done it in school or Base. If not, they’re explanation clears all doubts. I think there are several bright students in the class and there’ll be some stiff competition here. Most of the time, during class or during a free period, all we discuss is whether we got the homework sums or  understood a particular concept. Yes, So that’s how it is. Except for Biology, I believe all the teachers here are extremely good. Maybe I’ll need time to get adjusted to her.
Overall, I think it was a good decision to come here. Yes, I sometimes think of my friends. I do miss them. But, it all seems like another world. It’s like, DCFL makes it a little hectic so that you concentrate mainly on things that are on “No.1 Priority”. Isn’t that a good Idea?