Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is This Necessary?

I meant this blog post. You'll soon realize why. I have a lot to tell. (Ok, Maybe not).I've never been this glad on any weekend!

Deeksha's treating me fine. (Vidha3 calls it my dietian and several other names I probably should'nt mention :P) Missing Carmel. And my friends. I guess it's not so easy after all to get over it. Of late, I've been recollecting all the wonderful memories of the past decade.

I keep sifting through the DST (Delhi-Shimla Tour) Pics. I'm incredibly lucky to have visited all those places, met so many people. It was such a diverse experience, Itbroadened my outlook of India, it made me realize how much more there is to be seen in this world!

Books arrived and gosh! They're Heavy!! Seriously Heavy! I crashed in the college van trying some stupid stunt (I tried to lift the books when the van was in motion). The van "Journey" is fun. I still don't really speak to any seniors.

My friends (Not acquaintances. (Or Are They?))
  • Amrutha (Sophia) (Totally Non-Sophia Material. Lol. Sweet)
  • Raksha (DPS) (Yeah, the accent girl. (Haha Pinki- You like the accent na?))
  • Aparajitha (Oxford) (Bong. I call her "Aunty". Suits her. Lol)
  • Sharada (JKV) (Hmm.. A nice girl)
  • Deepthi (Carmel, Bashveshwarnagar) (Sweet)
And Of course, Disha and Meghna! I know a few more people but not that well.

And I just realized. I know 2 people from Chicago. Technically, 1 is From Chicago, and the other Was In Chicago. (Smirk Alert)

Pinki- I'm not fanatic about "foreigners". And You're a bit confused about who's the one witha fishing rod.

Ok, I can't blog sensibly anymore so I should stop. Although this looks like the most-unecessary-silly-lame-blogpost ever, It stays. Why? Because I want to remember this silly event (Event? Lol)

Tomorrow, Hopefully , I'll be going to Jain farms!  So Adios! (Holla Homework)