Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why the Brouhaha?


We all have 'idiosyncrasies'. Some many, some few. Who doesn't? Does anybody exist in the world who conforms to every single social norm? I honestly doubt it. 'Social Norms' are basically what the society follows in general, not what everyone in society follows. So, the lack of any idiosyncrasy can also amount to lack of originality and individuality.

~I know what you did in San Francisco~

~I keep on forgetting to forget about you~

~So much for my happy ending~


Its 3:00 AM. Caffeine has rendered me insomniac.

A few days back, we (C section bio students) went to NCBS, The research institute in the GKVK Campus in Hebbal. True, we spent more time commuting than inside the Instt, but it gave an insight into a typical 'research environment' which is pretty fascinating, but surprisingly informal. :) So we visited 2 labs. one was researching on Drosophila and its mutated forms while the other was not a wet lab, but was concerned with 'the evolutionary aspect in the koel laying eggs in crow's nest' and other such projects.