Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It's not something I do everyday. But sometimes I need it. Or maybe I want it. Either way, given that it's a rare phenomenon, I'm not worried.

Now I have something to say and you may not like it. I'm all for dignity of labor. Why, one of our maids and I were great friends. We played badminton and I tried teaching her English. But then, she left to pursue a career in tailoring and the ones that followed her are an entirely different species altogether. I don't get it.
I'm not overtly talkative with her, but I'm on good terms. At least I thought so, until this squealing business started. And the 'Looks' as I'd like to call them. Bah.
I do my dishes and I maintain my room. I only have to wash my own clothes to be Maid-Independent. I'm seriously considering the prospect. :-/

I read the Wikipedia synopsis of 'A beautiful Mind'. Should watch it, don't know when, though. But I understand why Pa was so moved by it.

I read up the entire synopsis of MIOBI. Dude, what the hell was that about Sasha and Payson? It's a weird world. I used to watch it for the gymnastics and all, but anyway, who cares.

Todsie is Duckie's B'day :)
I might go to her place :)
(But I admit, it feels WEIRD to visit your decade old friend after a gap of 9 months.)