Monday, July 23, 2012


Yep, so I've finally begun working on it.
I had a sleepover at Jillu's place. :P It was fun. :)
I also realized how much more I need to do as a part of my research for MUN.

My topic at hand is 'Children and Terrorism'. It is one that I feel strongly for and I believe it must be condemned by all nations. I was watching 'To die in Jerusalem' and I understood how powerful these videos are, by way of influencing citizens to join the fight for their rights. Wafa Idris, I believe set off the wave of female suicide bombers, some of them, in their teens.
I believe in plausible solutions and pro-active resolutions and I'll come up with just that, because I'm no good with fluff. And about the second topic, There is a lot more to do!!

The whole formal atmosphere of it all is something I'll need to adapt to given that it isn't my usual way of talk (unlike Nirupama). I've picked up 3 shirts and I'm guessing the rest will fall in place.

My new favorite word is 'Godspeed'.