Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love and Hate.

I'm living a lie.
But the other option is that I resign myself to a future of misery.
When is the solution to all this?
What do I do?

Sanjana and Medha came home today. I felt so happy that the got along well with Di. We spent quite some time in the house and then went out (Di included!) dress-hunting, had lunch, fed Di idlis and then finally made it back home intact :)
I consider this a momentous occasion given the entropy within Di. Nuff said.

It is also a moment to reflect and ponder.
Pa got hurt yesterday. I have no joy in narrating how. Yes, you're hunch is probably right.
And even objectively, It was not anything trivial. He was bleeding. And this happened like inches away from his eye.

And today I woke up, spent the ENTIRE FRICKING morning trying to sort out things, but NO USE.
Nobody wants to change. So now they're at the PS. Why? For What Joy?

I feel exhausted.
Di will wake up very soon.
I'll take her to the park.

Everybody deserves a life of dignity and freedom.
Nobody can deny this birthright to anyone.

But here's a case where it is not so.
What to do?