Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh Yeah, I Have a Blog.

So I went to HMUN 2012 after all.
After all that happened.

And I know it's one of those memories I'll cherish forever.
Where I learnt a lot. Including about myself. Where I learnt to be more independent? Where I learnt to have fun (but not do anything I'd regret? :)
No, But I mean it. I met people from all over India and also from across the border. I had great company for most part. I had the opportunity of competing against veteran MUNers, honing my own skills and gaining a wider perspective.

Of course I'd love to give a blow by blow account of all that happened, but given my time constraint, that is highly unlikely.

But I wouldn't like to bore you with bullet points either.

They train journey was fun. The boys were mostly good. And a lot of fun  :)
The hotel was nice. The breakfasts were YUMMMMMMMMM.

The conference was great. Our director, Divya Seth, was really nice. :)
Lunch and Dinner at Novotel were great fun too. :D
And the social events were once again, an amazing experience. :)

We found Love
The Sprite Face
The Madagascar knife
Penguin- PMPD, Antarctica, Happy Feet
Squelchy Mess
I could go on. And on...

L-R: Kirthan Pai, Manas Sharma, Anirudh R, Akhilesh A, Sanjana and Me.
At HICC, Hyderabad.
August 19th 2012

Ok I doubt I'll churn out anything sensible.

Tis a pity. When I want to blog, no comp at hand, and when there's one, I don't seem to be able to verbalize.

Life is certainly not perfect. Not even close. Maybe that's why there's the thrill to achieve it?

Maybe I'll do some Bio. Bioenergetics?