Saturday, June 15, 2013

In Limbo #2

Two years ago, when I'd finished my Board exams, I was nervous, uncertain and also excited to join Deeksha for the my PUC. But at least, at the very least, I knew that I would be studying in Deeksha. I'd interacted with students, I'd seen the campus and I knew what to expect.

But This is NOTHING like that. I repeat, NOTHING.

I've written the exams, the results are coming in trickles and it really doesn't guarantee anything. Not for me atleast. Not to mention that off late, all I do is S.U.L.K. (For several seemingly legit reasons.)

And now is a long, long wait where I can only hope that everything works out fine and right now, my life is more like a dull grey cloud that drizzles ever so often.

So basically, it should be  medical college in Karnataka. That's all I can say. How to be positive? Tell me, somebody! When I'm enveloped in a fog of self-created pessimism. -_-

But there are some really good things that have happened recently. :)

Photowalk with Vidhathri! 

So we met at Megamart around 7.20 and then travelled to GB where we began with the fresh flowers, neatly stacked fruits and veggies and the occasional confounded cow in the middle of the street. After this, we had a truly oily breakfast at Vidhyarthi Bhavan. It's famous for it's masala dosa but honestly it was drenched and dripping with Oyl. After this we walked to MN Krishna Rao Park and played baddie for a while. It was fun but I was tired too soon and we began clicking pictures of everything around us and we realized we had to take pictures of each other, so we did in great earnest. :) So we returned after making plans for meeting up again soon for another such photowalk.
So I realized a lot of things:

  • That it's possible to rekindle old friendships. :)
  • That Vidha3 is still awesome in photography.
  • That her SLR is nearly equally awesome.
  • That my Camera is begging for retirement.
  • That we will keep in touch and meet very soon. :D

Yesterday I met my homies, Sanjana and Medha. Obviously it was insane and I had a tiramisu and yet felt pretty drunk. :O Everybody's headed to different parts of the country/ world. Am I feeling overwhelmed or obscure in this melee? 

I'm currently reading Blind Slate by Steven Pinker (not much headway) as well as I've got your number by Sophie Kinsella. 

Seeya! :)

^I'd like to see what an 'In Limbo #3' would be like! When I'd have graduated with a degree and probably gunning for post-grad. Gosh.