Sunday, June 2, 2013

Questions Kids Ask

Divya is at that age where she finds it obligatory to question everything around her. While I try my best to patiently answer them to the best of my ability, I can't help but marvel at the questions she's asking.

What I like is, she doesn't stop with an answer, she'll process what you've just said, think it over and come up with a volley of new questions. 

Here's how a questionnaire usually goes:

En route to an exam.

Me: Divya, I have an exam today. I'll come back in the afternoon.
Di: Why are you writing an exam?
Me: To study in another college.
Di: If you don't write the exam?
Me: I won't get into a college.
Di: What will you do in the college?
Me: Study, to become a doctor.
Di: So you''ll treat people who aren't feeling well?
Me: Uhm.. Yes.
Di: If they're feeling well?
Me: I won't have to treat them.
Di: What if they're scared of the injections and everything?
Me: I'll be nice to them.
Di: Hmm. Can I be a sister (nurse)?
Me: Yes, but you can also be a doctor.
Di: But I want to be a sister.
Me: Ok, whatever you want. I'll go write my exam now, Bye. :)

On a rainy day with thunder and lightning.

Di: Why is there lightning?
Me: Clouds are dashing each other.
Di: Why?
Me: Uh.. They're not friends, they're both opposites.
Di: And what's that loud sound?
Me: It's the sound when clouds dash against each other.
Di: Why did I hear it later?
Me: The sound is slower.
Di: Why?
Me: Uhh.. Its different from lightning. Lightning can be very fast.

Next day

Di: Why is there no thunder now?
Me: The clouds aren't bumping into each other.
Di: Why not? They did it yesterday.

There are many more questions I've been bombarded with and I'll put them up if my memory would be kind enough. :)

On her first day of School. :)
A month or two ago, I read an article in the newspaper about children asking questions. Here are the excerpts:
The sorts of questions mums tend to get asked varies greatly, but the most difficult include 'why is water wet?' and 'what are shadows made of?'.

The research found the amount of questions asked by children differs with age and gender, four year old girls being the most inquisitive. (OMG!)
Other, more awkward, queries include 'why do we have to go to school?' and 'why are you so old?'.
The five toughest questions:
1) Why is water wet? (35 per cent)
2) Where does the sky end? (34 per cent)
3) What are shadows made of? (33 per cent)
4) Why is the sky blue? (20 per cent)
5) How do fish breathe under water? (18 per cent)