Monday, July 29, 2013

Art Attack! #2

What began two years ago as a way to spend time when I was disinclined to study or read a book, culminated in a completed piece finally!
This is my second work with Anchor Stitch Kit. The previous one was a small scenery and I have another (bigger) landscape waiting to be started. :)

This one has a lot of memories attached; when I've been upset, irritated, tired or bored, this was my refuge. I stitched for a diversion, a distraction and I'm really glad I channelized my anger/ restlessness/ boredom into something productive.

And it is fitting that I presented it to someone who has been there through storm and sunshine. 

On another note, this is Shakuntala and her deer and I gifted it to Anasuya, the trusted friend of Shakuntala. (Point observed by Sanjana :P )

Anchor Stitch Kit Artwork (Gifted to P~)