Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Beginnings.

Its been a while and a lot has happened since the last time I blogged. After several blissful days in Vasanthnagar, I returned home and thereafter, embarked on a short but eventful experience in PESIT.

The initial day or two were interesting but soon the truth hit in that I did not belong here and once I realised that, I could only hope and pray for better times to come. But nevertheless, at PESIT, I had a wonderful time on campus and made a few really good friends, one of whom I am sorely missing! (Manasaaa :'( ) But all said and done, it was good for a short experience.

And on 13th August, the allotment results arrived and I was alloted SIMSRC (Subbaiah Institute of Medical Sciences). I was thrilled to bits mainly because I had never imagined I would get this college. I had expected that if I do get a college, it would be KBNIMS in Gulbarga, NMC Raichur or AAMC Bijapur. Yes, this IS a relatively new college but the upside is we arent the first batch and the infrastructure and facilities are very good. But yes, this also means that I've got to work harder to make sure I'm not losing out on anything important.

So as soon as we found about my seat, it was a mad rush as we got documents filled, attested, packed bags and started off to Shimoga. The next day (14th) we finished with my admissions and I moved into the hostel. My roommates are from Belgaum and Bangalore (Carmel only :-D ) and we get along well. The rooms are spacious and furnished with cupboards, fridge and TV. The bathrooms are thankfully attached and the food is so far, good.

So on 15th August, Mom, Dad and Dee left and I symbolically began my true independence. I really will miss them a lot, but considering how badly I wanted a seat Anywhere in Karnataka, I guess I was prepared.

The first day of college was a radical experience; huge classrooms, cadavers down in the dissection hall, lunching in the mess, lectures filled with new terminologies and a library full of interesting books!

Overall, I'm looking forward to a new chapter in my life, learning and acquiring knowledge and being a better person by benefiting several lives.
I'm going to blog again very soon!