Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clarity. #2

Tender drops of rain descend on the grassy pavement,
The breeze brings a gust of freshness,
Sparrows chirp with gay abandon,
Somewhere afar, the trees sway to the rhythm of Nature,
The glistening drops shine with pure radiance.

Reservations are a very controversial topic, hence I'll stick to the basics and be unequivocal.

Here in medical school, I see people from all parts of the social and economic spectrum. Rural people from Kannada medium background, students hailing from an agriculturist family, students with inadequate financial resources, students from various states and cultural diversity.

So what really surprised me during my initial week in college was the sheer grit and determination of these students.

My classmate hails from a small town several kilometres from Chamarajanagar. With barely any facilities and accessibility to resources, she managed to get a medical seat here. Her parents are unlettered workers and it was only due to the encouragement and support from a high school teacher that she could complete the formalities and participate in the online counselling.
Another student of our class comes from a small town in Koppal. Due to lack of medical facilities in his village, he lost his parents and that has motivated him to pursue medicine and go back to practise in his own village.

What I've realized is, everybody, every single person I've met so far, has something worthy of emulation, be it their will and determination to succeed, their methodical approach or their confidence.

Last weekend I had been to Bangalore for the festival and I was reminded of how much I love the city. Hogged on pizza, spend some quality time with the Family and made the customary visit to Vasanthnagar. The journey was interesting (bus and train) and fun too!
Reaching Shimoga at 4:45 in the morning, hiring an auto back to College, catching some shut eye and rushing to class at 8:00 seems otherworldly but true! :-D

The only thing left to elucidate upon is the people here. My roommates are still awesome (though is strongly considering SNMC), the rest are different to say the least, but some are very nice. Some are clearly not. 

I'm down with a cold and headache, going to make Pazzta now, so Tada!!