Saturday, November 30, 2013

And I thought I'll never stop blogging.

I can access Facebook on my tab but I can't blog, I concede. 

Colder days have arrived, nights are chill, mornings are misty and the daytime is getting sleepy.

The other day we had a cultural event in the college (and we all grabbed the rare opportunity to dress up *HAHAHAHA*) and the programs were interesting (to say the least)

In the end, one of the surgeons of the college (who also teaches General Surgery to the 2nd years) and I found his speech very relevant. Basically, he stressed that one must not get bogged down by the profession and turn into an "Automaton". This is possible in case of medical practice because there is very little scope for creativity and most of it adheres to standard procedures. Hence it is vital that one does not lose their creativity, originality and other interests in the course of this profession.

Looking back at the last 2 years, I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry. (Okay, I'm doing neither, I'm just considering it as a phase and an experience.)

I mean I got my passport renewed, wrote the SATs, I spent HOURS over essays (even in March and April), I ran a marathon and attended a MUN, I went around looking for Teacher Recommendations, made Financial Aid Applications, filled the CSS Profile, posted photos of UChicago in my hostel room, tore them up, received a FedEX mail from Atlanta, prepared a music video for scholarship, googled a zillion goddam things for my Colorado essay and the Waldo essay.

And now I'm here.

I sometimes wonder, maybe that is the closest I will get to going there? All the glimpses, all the hopes and all the effort..

But I enjoyed every minute of it, I put in my heart and soul and wrote every essay with painstaking effort, prepared with great fervor for the SATs and yes, I suppose I did everything I could do.

Obviously, I don't think of this phase of my life if I can help it, but then it is true that this phase existed. Hence it seems appropriate to document it.

Contrary to public perception, I wasn't really such an angelic kid who made no mischief. Unfortunately, I made the kind of mischief that mostly went undetected. I've had my share of squabbles with friends, tantrums and short tempered outbursts. It's just that it happened a long time ago, so people have conveniently forgotten it.

So I gave my second seminar today (On Cerebral Circulation) and I was told that it came out well. The topic is actually extensive and I merely grazed the tip of the iceberg (Papa sent me a PPT with 94 slides. WUT)

I suppose I've got to go now.
Seeya soon :)