Friday, November 1, 2013


Just when I thought, maybe, life would be okay again, a bolt from the blue.

I cannot survive another Apocalypse. That is certain.
Neither can I watch anybody struggling through it. That too is certain.

I'm scared of what's going to happen when I'm not around.
I CAN'T deal with all the turmoil again.
I've seen ENOUGH for a lifetime.
It's like a Chamber of Secrets and you're always in the fear of when it will 'Unleash the Horrors within'.

How can ANYBODY Live with it?! 

Is this some kind of sick joke? 
So are we meant to take this on a regular basis?!
Wicked Game, this Life.
I've never wanted to hit 'End Game' more.

The moment, the very moment I lower my guard and begin to trust, I'm betrayed. And brutally.

I'm counting the reasons to be a part of this sadistic life.