Saturday, December 28, 2013

Back To December.

So it's holiday season and I'm back in Bangalore. (implies time to go on a blogging spree!) I've been so eager to blog that the day before Physio exam, a considerable amount of time was spent pondering over the various subjects I will blog about when I get home.

Songs have been an integral part of my life. At each phase/ stage, I've been in love with different songs. Here's a glimpse of some of them:

  • Kaho Na Pyaar Hai: My first Bollywood movie. Hrithik Roshan was my "favourite hero". I still love the evergreen songs from this movie.
  • Made In India (Alisha Chinoy): Loved dancing to this as a kid. (This was before I realized I lacked the ability to dance gracefully!)
  • Dhola Re: Danced to this song in school when I was in 2nd standard and subsequently on so many occasions. Bengali attire, saree and exuberance. :)
  • Saathiya: Our first drive to Coorg. When we packed food from Dasaprakash, had lunch on the way and reached the Kodava land after crossing all the "Hairpin bends".
  • Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai: This was somebody else's favourite song and I slowly began to love it too..
  • Yeh Ishq Hai: Was madly in love with this song during 7th and 8th. The memories make me smile today. :P
  • Dus Bahaane: Singing this on the Karaoke with Nidhi, trying to dance to this silly song. Lol
  • Laari Choti (Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local): First heard it on MTV, nearly 5-6 years ago..
  • Paas Aaya Kyon: The song that puts me to sleep. Since the last few years.
  • Pehli Nazaar Mein: The most long standing favourite song of my life. :)
  • Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna: singing this in 6th, buying the cassette just for this song.
  • Pehli Baar (from Kaminey): during 9th and 10th..
  • Jeeyein Kyun, Te Amo: Dehli Shimla Tour song
  • Lehrein: The sad song for the sad days during PUC
  • Tu Hi Haqeeqat: The Deeksha era
  • Vele (Student of the Year), Piya O Re Piya, Jee Le Zara, In My City (PC): Hostel songs.
  • Tum Hi Ho, Sun Raha Hai Na Tu: The first few months of Medical. (I watched the movie for the first time with Suman on August 15th! :) )
  • Ishaqzaade: Current favourite.
Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
Ye Ishq Hai


Lehrein: Aisha

So zooming ahead to December 2013, Internals have been the major event of the month hence that explains the depleting stores of milk and coffee pudi, the perennial brightness in our room (it was like a relay; one sleeps, the other gets up, studies for a while, wakes the 3rd one and goes back to sleep. Hence our room lights were on nearly all night.

The practical exams could have been better, especially Histology and that will hopefully be amended by the next exam. Theory exams were okayish, but frankly, I was saturated by then and couldn't wait for the exams to get over. It's a pity, actually. During the regular academic session, I "hyper-study" purely because I can and I like doing it, but by the time the exams arrive, when I really have to go on the Hyper Mode, I'll be too fatigued and caffeine intoxicated and hence my motivation levels dipped a bit this time. :[

On the friendship front, things are slowly getting better. I mean, I now have a few people I can call friends. Few. I've lost a few people too in the process and unfortunately there were some very disturbing moments, particularly during the internals time but luckily I've decided not to care too much and take things as it comes and NEVER EVER trust people in college. Trust me, I speak from experience.