Thursday, December 12, 2013

Music Is The Only Constant

In a world where people change, situations change and moods change, music is that blissful constant in our lives that brings back memories, gives a sense of warmth that pierces the thorax, lodges in the middle mediastenum where it penetrates through fibrous and serous pericardia and stimulates the baroreceptors of carotid sinus and aortic arch which stimulates the Vasodepressor Centre which causes a vagal tone and thus brings about bradycardia in a disturbed soul.

Flawed physiology aside, college is progressing as usual. Internals are nearing, panic ought to be setting in but so far it is only superficial and not deep. -_-

My perpetual fears of losing track seems to have amplified, friendships appear to have become strained, it appears impossible to entangle oneself from complications arising due to certain relations and the chill blanket that envelopes the college in the night does not make matters simple for the wannabe owl.

Nutella Addiction is an inexplicably pleasant phenomenon that causes chronic idiopathic shortlived happiness but the positive feedback mechanism that it causes can trigger pangs of craving for that elusive dabbi which cannot be found in all of Shimoga.

Ultimately it's best to be with the few good friends I have from school and college because implicit trust is bad for my own well being. Or am I being obnoxiously cautious to the point of having OCD?

I got a haircut. B-)