Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Action Replayy

Listening to a song from the above movie right now. ^  But this is appropriate on so many levels. I think.

Weekends follow a standard pattern here in college. Atleast, its been that way for a while now.

Saturday is Laundry day followed by Sleep/ Novels/ Chat session and post this is the customary visit to the library. Irrespective of saturday's sleep pattern, Sunday is basically a picnic in the library! (Intercepted by plenty of power naps, snack breaks and finally concluded prematurely due to a false sense of 'saturation')

So in reality, Monday evenings are relatively 'lax' and today for example, was spent surprisingly well. Doing nothing, that is! But on the contrary, I have a long night ahead with record work piling up at an alarming rate.

Sometimes I wonder, what is the point? Why covet what will never belong to us? Why desire for the things that will never a part of our lives? Is it hope? Hope against all hope that somewhere deep down, maybe, just maybe...?

The mere realization of this fact makes life simpler. But is simple always the best thing? What is life without imagination, hope and creativity? A demented living, to be brutally honest.

Feeling OMG listening to these songs right now:

  • 7 Things: The song and the lyrics actually used to make me teary-eyed. I can only LOL now. I was young, naive and dreamy. I wonder if I will ever be that way again. It just seems so unlikely that I will. And I guess that's a bittersweet feeling.
I guess Sanjana (Hassan)'s quote about fruits is very apt and elegant. :-)

  • Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol): :'( Enough said. For now.
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Quiz competition with Vikas, Ashita, Varun K, soaking up in the rain like carefree kids.

Constantly reminding myself about priorities, goals and focus tends to get tiring and I sometimes wonder if I'm being a killjoy and stonehearted but for now, its essential.
Guilt is similar to termite infestation in woodworks. It gnaws at your insides with a vicious strength, leaving you feeling hollow and weak from pain. An outer facade of placidity is maintained but there is no substance, nothing within to justify the seemingly solid exterior. It is so efficient in destroying you that the slightest pressure leaves you crumbling down in despair.

It's going to be long night ahead.
I am a confused, caffeine intoxicated kothi.