Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hello there! :')

Mornings are well begun with a round of jogging and a good game of badminton. I should probably do this more often.
I'm so excited about the KIMS Quiz!! I'm going to meet Sanjana, Adi, Praj, Chitra and Sahana! I really need to prepare well. We need to make an honest attempt and give it our best. Thank god I'm in Abhi's team. :P

I was talking to the above mentioned college friend yesterday and I realized that it is not necessary to conform. All that matters is our goal. No matter what anybody thinks, we've got to keep working and keep doing what we believe in. In the end, nothing else matters. I can't explain how much that reaffirmed my approach. It also reminded me that I know practically nothing. I've got to put in more, be more effective and have faith.

It also hit me that such people exist here in Shimoga as well. It's just that I've always seen them differently. It doesn't matter if you're aloof, reserved or even labelled weird. One must stick to the values they believe in. The worst thing would be to fall in your own eyes.

Got a lot of catching up to do, so seeya!